Selling Conservatism

Star Parker

I know I said I wouldn’t be back until the New Year, but I needed to make a couple of test posts to test the new format. As well as that, I read a couple of opinion pieces that carried such excellent ideas, I felt compelled to share them. Here’s the first, from Townhall writer Star Parker.

If Democrats can nominate a hard core liberal, why can’t Republicans offer a clear conservative alternative? They can and must. But let’s remember basic salesmanship.

If you’ve got the best product and its not selling, the problem is not the product but how it’s being sold.

The challenge in selling freedom only increases when times are hard and people become fearful. The best salesperson is one who is totally sold themselves on their product.

We need a conservative leader who unwaveringly believes that a return to freedom and moral clarity is what this nation needs. And one who can convey this conviction and convince worried, struggling Americans that conservative principles are the recipe for national revival and will make their lives better.

A good message not only for America but for most of the west. These kind of leaders though are still to emerge. (is it Colin Craig in NZ?) Most of those political figures heading up the so called “Tory” parties are deeply infected with the disease of cultural Marxism, and therefore offer next to no hope. We desperately need new blood.

Star Parker on Townhall- Don’t Abandon Conservative Message, Sell it Better