Sarah Palin Movie “Game Change”- More Hollywood Liberal Garbage

Hollywood liberals have made a movie on Sarah Plain and her sudden entry into Federal politics as John McCain’s Vice Presidential candidate. I know liberals are arrogant by nature, but even knowing this, I’m always surprised at the degree.

Here they are, Woody Harrelson and Julianne Moore, two hopelessly dropkick Hollywood liberals, trying to portray a political likeness of Palin when they don’t have the damn faintest clue what she is about. Just as Merril Streep doesn’t have a clue about Margaret Thatcher.

Such movies bring nothing to the table and unerringly amount to nothing more than feeble attempts to extend and widen the false stereotyping that underpinned liberal/ progressive attacks on Palin and Thatcher in real life. Demonstrated forcibly enough in “Game Change” by John McCain’s disdainful command to “find me a woman”.

There might be more than a few tickets sold though. Palin Derangement Syndrome is a widespread mental disease among the left, and the legions of sufferers will undoubtedly be psychotically compelled to see the movie more than once.

5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin Movie “Game Change”- More Hollywood Liberal Garbage

  1. It’s not all bad – it shows that liberals are fascinated by Sarah Palin.

    Can’t see a movie about Hillary Clinton pulling in the punters – no they’d stay away in droves.


  2. “Can’t see a movie about Hillary Clinton pulling in the punters – no thay’d stay away in droves.”

    Wimmen in pant’s suits.. 🙂

    Its typical though that they would play down Palin’s significant accomplishments in Alaskan politics (including confronting and destroying the powerful and influential Republican club) with the slur that she could only bring gender to the campaign.


  3. I’m set to see The Iron Lady tonight. Hoped to get a review from Fairfacts, however his sidebar link comes up Forbidden.
    I wonder if it’s the same folks who made ‘W’?


  4. It’s not complicated: Hollywood=garbage+lies+propaganda.
    And they wonder why box-office receipts are falling off year on year….


  5. “I wonder if it’s the same folks who made ‘W’?”

    Naah, “W” was made by that treasonist POS Oliver Stone, pumping out Marxist crap all his damn worthless life.

    “Game Change” was made by Jay Roach, who made the Austin Powers movies and the “Meet The Parents” series of movies. Another no talent cultural Marxist. Enough said.


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