Dying Detroit, thriving Singapore- two cities from which we can learn so much

Just one of the horrifying facts provided in the attached video is this- If anyone commits a murder in Detroit, they’ve got a 7 in 10 chance of getting way with it.

An example of the disastrous outcomes in a city run by leftists for decades, and that now exists as a stark and unforgettable reminder of what the left would have in store for us if we ever give them the same power they had in Detroit.

In Detroit, the left won the culture war. If you want to see the other side of the coin you look at Singapore, where the left have lost.

I suggest that the people who really need to watch the Detroit video are the soft communists who write the editorials and opinion pieces for the NZ Herald. Or the leftist propagandists who glorify themselves as “journalists” and work for the Fairfax organisation.

Every primary and secondary school teacher needs to see it. Mayor of Auckland, Len Brown and all his supporters too, and the entire Labour Party. John Key and the other sickening socialists/ progressives who have destroyed the National Party. Especially them.

Detroit has been ruled by the left for decades. Its a great example of what you lose if you let the left win.

Singapore has been going up about the same rate that Detroit has been going down. Why? No liberal/ progressive politicians in Singapore. No cultural Marxism in Singapore. Its that simple.

The main reason the left lost in Singapore is Lee Kuan Yew’s knowledge of communist subversion strategies. He fought them all his younger life, and learned well from this experience, and was always able to identify their work. He was a man of iron compared to the jelly backed wimps we are saddled with in New Zealand.

Check the short video, it gives an excellent illustration of LKW’s strong political resolve. If only we had him here.

The left lost in Singapore, but they won in Detroit, and the outcome of their victory is made plain in the uppermost video.

Just as the success and prosperity of Singapore stands as such a stark monument to the left’s defeat. No wonder the Progressives hate and smear the city at every opportunity.

The left- always promising Nirvana but in the finale, bringing desolation and destruction. Don’t ever believe their lies.

14 thoughts on “Dying Detroit, thriving Singapore- two cities from which we can learn so much

  1. Is it just the politics or do other factors like the racial mix of the populace have an effect?
    It would be interesting to see a similar article on Baltimore which in addition to being left wing also has a very high percentage black population.
    The Democrats certainly rely heavily on the black vote.


  2. “Is it just the politics or do other factors like the racial mix of the populace have an effect?”

    I guess there are a lot of factors, but having a man like Lee Kuan Yew as leader made one heck of a difference.


  3. Well, Baltimore has around 200 murders a year….mostly blacks. The thing is, welfare feeds the problem and it’s mostly Democrats who promote welfarism.
    With a state and federal move away from that mentality the problem of black crime wouldn’t disappear but the main feeder of it could be slowly choked off.


  4. What a shithole Detroit is now…. just goes to show what happens when you legislate/relegate peoples’ dreams, desires and work ethic into oblivion at the behest of fuckwits who think they know best how everyone else should live, spending the productives’ dime to secure their own place at the trough


  5. The other thing is Mort that as the left get more and more control, the smart people leave. This unfortunately gives the left a greater share of the remaining vote. Which means the decline accelerates. Can you think of another country where something similar is starting to happen?


  6. Lets not forget. Detroit was the jewel in the crown of the industrialized world only 50 years ago. The great lakes states produced nigh on 50% of the worlds industrial output.


  7. “Lets not forget. Detroit was the jewel in the crown of the industrialized world only 50 years ago.”

    Yes, that’s perfectly correct.

    It has been Singapore in reverse over approximately the same time frame..


  8. Singapore deals with cultural leftists by the only effective means – banning cultural leftism in all its forms from all media, and imprisoning or shooting persistent leftists! Of course they are not permitted in parliament or any occupations – in Singapore all NZs parliamentarians would have been banned for leftism.

    Unfortunately Singapore is economically socialist – 70% of the economy is state controlled including pensions, housing, and many industries. KiwiStealer and the Hellun Fund are two examples of NZ directly folliwing Singapore’s lead.


  9. Damn, that’s a good read, Dondiego.

    From the article:

    “There are those who would blame white people for every problem in this nation. Even white flight itself. White flight is just a natural defensive mechanism to escape the Black Undertow and the crime, property value drop, dereliction of infrastructure, and the decimation of the business district that follows this group.

    In the coming weeks, Detroit will be taken over by the state of Michigan. Even though white people built a world-class city, full of architectural marvels that rivaled those found anywhere else on the planet, the Black people who inherited Detroit after the calamitous race war of 1967 (and the subsequent white abandonment of the city) have been unable to maintain a modicum of what they were unceremoniously bequeathed. The Los Angeles Times bashed white people for the failure of the city, when it was white people ingenuity that was responsible for the greatness of Detroit in the first place.

    2011 Detroit is a direct representation of its majority population, which happens to be 82 percent Black. The ruins of the city, neglected and rotting monuments courtesy of a people who then rebuilt what they abandoned in the white suburbs surrounding Detroit, are to the Black inhabitants of the town what those strange heads on Easter Island where to the Europeans who first encountered them.”

    And from commenter Zenster:

    “Gasteyer obviously hasn’t looked at what happened when white people left Africa, specifically the Congo, or what happened to Rhodesia after the capitulation to Actual Black Run Zimbabwe (ABRZ) or in South Africa.”

    This is important to remember because of how, unlike with decimated Detroit, the Whites who departed Africa left behind largely intact and operative infrastructure. And Blacks still ran it into the ground.


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