Breaking News- Georgia Court Agrees To Hear Case Challenging Obama’s Eligibility

So many appeals have been made to so many courts asking for a hearing on Obama’s true eligibility to be President. These have all been refused on procedural grounds (wrong wording, wrong filings etc), or on the grounds that those bringing the case have no legal standing. (IOW, they cannot show any personal disadvantage resulting from Obama’s election to the Presidency.)

The Liberty Legal Foundation is reporting that this chain of refusals has at last been broken with the Georgia State court agreeing to hear their case. The case has been accepted even though Barak Obama’s legal team have been actively seeking to have it denied as all of the others have been.

It should be noted that this case relates to argument concerning the phrase “natural born citizen” as used in the American Constitution, and does not cover the alleged forged birth certificate issue.

The Liberty Legal Foundation’s website states-

This morning the Georgia Court of Administrative Hearings denied Obama’s motion to dismiss our ballot challenge. More importantly, the court’s opinion ruled in our favor on all procedural and state law issues, leaving only one thing left to decide: Whether Obama is a natural-born-citizen under the Constitution.

Remember that no court has ever addressed this issue! As you know our argument is very simple. We argue that the Supreme Court has defined “natural-born-citizen” as a person with two U.S. citizen parents, and Obama admits that his father was never a U.S. citizen.

The hearing is set for 9AM on January 26th in Atlanta, Georgia. The Liberty Legal Foundation has similar cases ongoing in the states of Tennessee and Arizona.

Liberty Legal Foundation

10 thoughts on “Breaking News- Georgia Court Agrees To Hear Case Challenging Obama’s Eligibility

  1. I want them to investigate if there was a Conspiracy to cover-up both Obama and McCain as Ineligible to be president by both Democrats and Republican elites because they found out that McCain was in question AFTER the Senate approved him and that kept Obama free from scrutiny because the democrats had this Questionable research on McCain and told him they would pitch it to the Public and wipe out the republican party if they said anything about Obama not being eligible .
    This is how I think the Democrats were able to bribe the Republicans to stay shut up in 2008 and the last 2 1/2 years about Obama needing to prove eligibility to be Natural Born , its been a Bribe and a Cover-up from when this Law review was done in July of 2008 and If you remember McCain Lost his Power and force to challenge Obama about this time in the 2008 campaign .
    This link is the 2008 claim of McCain’s ineligibility under Federal Constitutional law ;
    This is why Obama is going to take up the Immigration Reform debate NOW and drive this all the way to 2012 because He needs Amnesty as Bad as the Illegals that will VOTE for him do !!!!
    what I see going on is a Democratic party Defining this Natural Born Claim and they are doing under the guise of a 1608 ENGLAND COMMON Law instead of Constitutional law , through the CALVIN RULE , which basically says that you only need ONE parent a Citizen at the time of BIRTH to be Natural Born in this 1868 14th Amendment ruling ,


  2. Well, that’s a start for truth.
    But don’t get too excited, a state Court has no business interpreting the Constitution.
    Just as what a Georgia Court has to say about interpreting the words in the 2nd Amendment is irrelevant, same thing with ‘Natural Born’.

    The best outcome for truth here is the Georgia Court finds “against” Oby’s situation and it is then forced straight to SCOTUS.

    Alas, if the Georgia Court finds for Oby, SCOTUS will choose to never consider the matter… closed, I smell a rat.

    However, that’s the Establishment’s and sane individual’s preference.
    The truth may well be fatal for the US, a judgement against Oby will destroy the US economy, IMHO.


  3. B2 why do you think a Judgement against Obama would destroy the economy , actually in what way other than what he has done so far would it be any worse ? Antone can Print money and Make more Federal Jobs directly or indirectly rather than write policy that promotes a Private sector Prosperity that reaches though the multi class society by being fair about Tariff Trade equalizing the cost to produce in the USA a Imported product so a Industrial base can be competitive at home and more money stay in circulation in the USA to spread the wealth without a Dictatorship do it with Taxation that we really would want to consider if they would given the Technocrat talk about Overpopulation , and a health care Bill that looks like a eugenics plan at best with a FEMA Camp ready to go .
    UN Pushes Population Control Agenda

    “Seven big problems for 7 billion people . Experts weigh in on predicaments caused by a burgeoning world population , are they experts or just Marxists ?

    Slow Kill Holocaust: Proof the Government is Killing You , absolutely look at all the credits below this video !!!!

    We’ve Been Impoverished ON PURPOSE and It’s Only Going to Get A Whole Lot Worse
    listen to this World banker he tells the reason why …..

    The Goal of western nations should be to Restructure their Trade Policies for their Citizens First because these nations are not what is contributing to the issue , so why should we people of sustainable growth in our populations be subject to a Trade Policy that is Sucking the Life literally right out of our Communities and nations ? The action is UNJUST based on sustainable population growth in the USA being shown here in this Fertility Chart ,

    I just cannot support someone who has this in their back ground can you ?
    Why Martial Law and FEMA Camps could become REALITY……H5N1 the New Pandemic

    Where is the Main stream Media on this Reporting ??? Get this going and FEMA Camps and Martial Law will be a sure thing . Take LOTS of Vitamin D !!!!

    Should scientists create deadly viruses? Yes, says bioethicist , they say its for a good reason but with all the Overpopulation stuff out there is it a Opportunity for a Opps Moment ?

    The news comes just days after the United States government frantically acted to block the full publishing of research that successfully mutated the H5N1 virus to be highly contagious.

    In response to the study potentially being released, the WHO stated :
    News on the New Laws and First responders Preparation actions by FEMA .


  4. “B2 why do you think a Judgement against Obama would destroy the economy”

    It’s pretty simple tony.
    And It doesn’t involve scatological conspiracy theories.

    If Oby is eventually found by SCOTUS to be ineligible every piece of legislation he ever signed is null and void.
    Do you understand what that means?
    Every dime of Federal expenditure in the last 3 years is invalid, every contract let is void, every consequence of every Federal decision is void.
    Consider the damages, tony.
    Consider the litigation.
    Consider the Company on Company litigation.
    Consider for example the bailout of GM….invalid….and 100 other money centre Corporations who were disadvantaged by the GM bailout.
    Consider rewinding their derivatives to the point of counterparty exposure, (ie the other Banks), consider the CD swaps that were triggered and are now invalid.
    Consider the Bank of America derivative bailout, consider Freddy and Fanny bailout…..all invalid…..all exposed.
    Who pays?

    And would a Republican controlled House of Reps go back and do it again as before?
    Not a chance.

    Careful what you wish for, Sunshine…….you may get it.


  5. The only real plus I can see (and it may be very powerful) is that if the Georgia court finds against Obama, it will damage his credibility and legitimacy among a hell of a lot of voters who could have swung either way in November.


  6. The key thing to note is that the Georgia Court decision cannot render Oby in eligible. All the Georgia Court can do is declare him in eligible IN GEORGIA. This might influence courts in other states but won’t directly impact on his tenure in the WH. So, he gets removed from the 2012 ballot in a couple of key states and mebbe the Donkeycrats sub him off in favour of Hillary.


  7. GG, an ‘ineligible in Georgia’ result will push it straight to SCOTUS… the speed of light……

    If the SCOTUS believes in a possibility of open shut guilty, Oby will be approached to step down in favour of VP, to spend more time with his family, in return for dismissal or not guilty.

    SCOTUS will never under any circumstances declare Oby ineligible.
    The consequences are unthinkable.
    See above.


  8. Educate yourself about the real causes of the financial crises.
    Watch “The Secret of Oz”. Understand Obama and Congress.

    1. Skip videos, “Web of Debt” all 5 parts. They are quite wordy and some boring. Some is very informative, your choice later.
    2. Page down to bottom: “National Debt Problem”
    3. Lf click video “The Secret of Oz”
    4. Watch 10 to 20 minutes and then fast forward finding areas of interest. I watch about 30 minutes and then started skipping.

    enjoy real awareness


  9. If Obama is declared ineligible, our Congress, now being watched with eagle eyes, can finally get to work to untangle the messes of Obama. Sure, it will take work and unhappiness in some quarters, but our nation should not have to continue living under the circumstances started by a communist who was put into office for the express purpose of ruining our economy, our military and our society.


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