Did Obama Steal Dead Baby Virginia Sunahara’s Birth Certificate?

Virginia Sunahara was born on Aug 4, 1961 and died the next day. Her death was announced in both the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star-Bulletin. Her name is in both the 1960-64 birth index and 1960-64 death index. The birth certificate Barack Obama claims as his own states he was born on the same date.

Some people allege that the Virginia Sunahara birth certificate is the one that Obama is presenting as his own, and they have been trying to access the dead baby’s BC but so far without success.

The Hawaii Dept of Health has refused to issue a copy of the long form birth certificate to the dead girls brother, claiming he has no right to the certificate. Later, after he persisited with his requests, they told him that no birth certificate existed for Virginia.

The brother, Duncan Sunahara, has now initiated a law suit against the hospital in an attempt to force them to provide the document. He says in his suit-

..when I asked for a non-certified copy of her abbreviated birth certificate the HDOH told me that they have no records responsive to my request. On previous requests for other COLB I had been told that I could not get a copy because I did not have a direct and tangible interest. But in this case they flat-out told me they don’t have a birth record for Virginia. Even though their birth index says they do.

There may of course be nothing to this. There could of course be a good reason for the HDOH to refuse to issue a copy of a Birth Certificate to the brother of the deceased. Or to tell him the BC does not exist. Although I cannot think what that reason could be. Its a long shot to go from here to the claim that Barak Obama has “stolen a dead baby’s identity.”

Lawsuit Filed Against Hawaii Department of Health on Behalf of Duncan Sunahara

Update on New Lawsuit Filed Against Hawaii Department of Health

8 thoughts on “Did Obama Steal Dead Baby Virginia Sunahara’s Birth Certificate?

  1. It’s interesting though if they claim not to have one birth certificate but yet have another when they both relate to births on the same day, if they were from the same hospital. Then again, could just be a red herring to set up, discuss and then deflate with last minute evidence closer to the election.

    That’s the problem with conspiracy theories, they can seem to get more and more far fetched. Real life seems to be the match of most conspiracy theories, where strange things happen even if there is no shadowy cabal behind them.


  2. Well, I guess one of the the implications is that the numbers on the certificates (the dead girl’s and Obama’s) could be the same. If so, the excrement would really hit the fan.

    Barack Obama’s birth certificate was issued the number 10641. If this had been issued to Virginia, it would fit in with the number being outside the sequence of the Nordyke twin’s numbers, as the certification would have been delayed due to the baby’s death.


  3. Explains why Obama has a social security # issued out of Connecticut. His Social Security # failed to Pass e-verify. Hmmmmm So a guy who could not get a job @ mcdonalds is somehow President of the United States ….. hmmmm

    Obama’s Chicago mansion is not in Obamas name ( never has been ) Must be due to the fake SS# and the patriot act. …. Sheriff Joe will soon release his findings and the Usurper will be removed from Office in handcuffs. ( Fingers Crossed )


  4. Sunahara’s birth certificate number is now known, 11080, disproving the allegation that Obama used that certificate.

    If those criminals who illegally accessed the Social Security system are telling the truth, then President Obama has gotten a new SSN since his was plastered all over the Internet.


  5. “Sunahara’s birth certificate number is now known, 11080, disproving the allegation that Obama used that certificate.”

    Good grief.

    Did you even read any of the information in the two links provided with the story


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