So Called Right Bloggers Help Left Mainstream Media To Smear Colin Craig

Colin Craig has a few things to learn about dealing with NZ’s extremely progressive left wing media, who are conducting a vicious smear campaign in an attempt to stop the Conservative Party gaining any seats in the coming election.

Since the rise of blogs, we have come to rely on certain websites to bring us views that challenge the invariably left wing reporting and opinion patterns we see in the NZ Herald and the Dominion Post and Radio NZ and TV One and TV3.

Not so in the case of Colin Craig. Whale Oil and Kiwiblog have joined forces with the mainstream media and are helping them enthusiastically in their intent to smear Craig and sabotage his chances of gaining a voice in parliament.

The Conservative Party is facing the kind of criticism one has never seen leveled at the race based Maori Party, (in coalition with National) or the Watermelons, or even NZ First.

Most criticisms I have read on Kiwiblog and Whale Oil have just been pitiful smears based on alleged wrong doing or mistakes of a very minor nature, but magnified far out of proportion by the enthusiasm of these two bloggers, who are desperate to discredit The Conservative Party and protect the progressive wing of National.

They want the left liberal John Key and his followers to remain in control there, and see the rise of the Conservative Party as a serious threat to the Progressive’s domination of National.

They see the possibility of a political dialog outside of the boundaries they consider “approved ” and it frightens them.

Colin Craig of course has already broadened the discussion base, and its clearly something these fake right wing bloggers dislike intensely. So they adopt the tactics of the left in an attempt to silence him.

It won’t work. For all his political immaturity Craig has struck a chord with many NZers who admire him for swimming against the Progressive tide. His words resonate with a section of the population who subscribe to the traditional political ideas the Progressives have struggled to destroy and suppress.

The Conservative Party is extremely embryonic in its present form, but it is here to stay.

Conservatives have the political momentum.

It is the Progressives and their bigoted and biased left wing media colleagues who are eventually going down.

8 thoughts on “So Called Right Bloggers Help Left Mainstream Media To Smear Colin Craig

  1. You are right on RedB. I’ve been calling these guys on this myself, and will continue to do so as long as they do it. It’s about fairness and balance. And like Duncan Garner at TV#, they are not trading evenly with CC.


  2. Whale is actually stopping me from commenting on his blog.

    I have had three comments there deleted this morning.

    Just goes to show you, all these so called right wingers who subscribe to Progressive ideals are really stealth left wingers and are ready to adopt the tactics of the left whenever it suits them.

    Here’s to the revival of Conservatism and the destruction of the Progressives.

    They’re already running like scared rabbits.


  3. The fact that two lame secondhand leftists posing as “conservatives” get so many commenters enthusiastically trying to tear down a genuine conservative speaks volumes about the standard of political awareness (and the ensuing “debate”) in New Zealand.
    The country is now irredeemably socialist and most of the commentariat could move seamlessly to Cuba and hardly notice the difference, other than the climate.

    Scratch that last line–there are more dissidents in Cuba.


  4. Scratch that last line–there are more dissidents in Cuba.

    Heh heh..

    Funny thing is, my comments are in most cases the most popular on Whale’s blog. (going by the Discus vote system) So he is actually shutting down a commenter his followers like to read.

    How irrational is that?


  5. Farrar and Slater are in the business of manufacturing consensus for the Nats. See here:

    ‘As described by Glenn Reynolds in a classic 2002 essay, a preference cascade occurs when people trapped inside a manufactured consensus suddenly realize that many other people share their doubts. Preference falsification works by making doubters feel isolated and alone. In a totalitarian society, the dissenter fears that if he speaks up, his will be a lone voice, easily squashed by the enforcers of the regime. When dissenters realize they are not alone, and the true strength of their numbers becomes apparent, “invincible” regimes vanish with astonishing speed.’


  6. If you can take a positive out of this, it is giving CC and The Conservatives free publicity and making KB and Whale look like whining liberals or better yet an off shoot of Red Alert.


  7. Be flattered.
    They therefore believe the Conservatives are a potential threat that ACT in all its manifestations never was.
    Back in Aust after a week in NZ, jeeez….had nearly forgotten the homeland’s Stepford Wife left’s grip on tv news.
    You gotta love NZ where being called “controversial” is code for worse than a child molester.
    Was it a bad week or is NZ simply a defeated place where the Maori tail totally dominates the political life of the dog?


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