Kim Dotcom – Just how far left are NZ’s so called “right”?

This Dotcom thing has sure set the cat among the political pigeons.

Apparently Kim Dotcom’s personal status overrides any right he might have to natural justice.

The so called NZ right are so weak on this issue, they’ve been forced by those seen as spokesmen for the far left to adopt a posture even further to the left than their critics.

National Party supporters have long been recognised as completely divorced from their small government founding principles, but really, is the divide actually that great that they cannot see they’re acting just as the government of the Soviet Union or East Germany may have acted back in the days of the Berlin Wall?

Kim Dotcom has previous convictions, he’s fat, he’s German, he’s rich, he’s so many things, and apparently all of these things make it quite OK for the government to ride roughshod over the traditional underpinnings of British justice. This is the view I am getting from National Party supporters.

It’s a view not that different and arguably worse than the far left, who see the case as an opportunity to bash National for incompetence, more than any case of overzealous and over powerful and over sized government treading all over the rights of a NZ citizen.

We have illegal spying by government depts, (signed off by the acting PM) and helicopters and black suited heavily armed swat squads raiding a family’s house and stealing their possessions because of what is basically a civil copyright case?

And its National that is defending this Soviet style big government travesty. A position that they are forced to take due to their own bungling but also because they lack basic political principles.

If today’s National Party still held to any of the principles that underpinned its birth as a political force, the illegal spying and the completely unjustified armed raid on Kim Dotcom would never have occurred.

What a completely hopeless bunch of directionless unprincipled losers the so called NZ right really is. And if you were ever in any doubt as to their abject ineffectiveness, the National Party under John Key especially, you only have to observe the way they have been, in this case, so utterly out-manouvered by the left.

Into a position of trying to defend the indefensible.

Today’s National Party has to be substantially reformed or it has to go. There are no other alternatives.

PS: If you want a smile, go read the incredibly juvenile web page of the GCSB. It reads like satire.

“Mastery of Cyberspace???”

You couldn’t do much better if you were from the far left Onion. If these are the forces protecting us from the Chicom Generals then we’re in bigger trouble than I thought.

8 thoughts on “Kim Dotcom – Just how far left are NZ’s so called “right”?

  1. Absolutely spot-on, Red. The bleaters trying to justify and defend the action of NZ Police and GCSB are exactly the ones who were in position to have stopped the trampling of Dotcom’s rights. But of course they don’t approve of Dotcom, or the way he became wealthy.

    incidentally, notice how quiet the Bill Liu case has gone since Kim Dotcom hit the headlines?


  2. .com’s lawyers are going to be rubbing National’s nose in the dirt for some time yet. As .com has already alluded to, Key and co were doing Obama’s work for him in keeping his money men happy. In return for what? A free trade agreement? Certainly a premature ejaculation over an amoral deal.


  3. Thanks KG.

    You’re right guys. Kim Dotcom is just a political scapegoat.

    Obama badly needed to do something to appease his big ticket Hollywood donors after their copyright law was struck down.

    And the dumbarsed half-educated political neophytes within the NZ justice/ security system fell over themselves trying to help him out.


  4. Interesting isn’t it. Where did Key raise his money? Clipping the currency ticket. All very legal.
    But the worst part of this saga is that in the USA now you are deemed gulity without trial and your assets siezed and your business closed again without recourse to proper legal procedures. Some slimey FBI person has all that power. Unfortunately they will run away and not be held accountable.
    Best way to defeat these guys is not visit a cinema or watch any of thier mostly crap films. Ignore buying thier music and just listen to the radio at Coast.


  5. I think you have it pretty well summed up Red. A vote for National is a vote for a blue labour. Is that as good as it gets for NZ?


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