God Haters Channeling Karl Marx

I’m agnostic myself.

I understand that people may disagree with the concept of a creator.

I also understand that people may be dismissive of what is written in the different books of the bible.

I’ve got no problem with any conflict of ideas. What is starting to annoy me more than a bit about NZ at the moment is the depth of the opposition that I observe towards Christians and Christianity.

This opposition is more than just a conflict of ideas. It is in so many cases obsessive and pathological. Too frequently it is close to hatred.

NZ is a society with a strain of Marxism quite deeply embedded and I am sure that the fierce opposition I see to Christianity is a subset of this. Public opinion in this country has been manipulated for many years by means of a politically corrupt education system and a similarly corrupt news media. Both of these public institutions, along with a largely Progressive controlled entertainment industry, subliminally preach the Marxist message and therewith the anti Christian message.

The increasing intensity of the opposition to Christianity is (I believe) a result of this widespread secular progressive/ Marxist influence. Many people hold Marxist views without for one minute understanding the origins of those views or, because the views are so commonplace, even knowing that they have them. With so many, Marxism is just the default position.

Karl Marx opposed Christianity because his ideology demanded atheism. Max knew that his vision of a dictatorship of the proletariat would not happen while Christianity remained a force. He decried religion as the “opium of the people” but in reality such criticism was only strategy-based in that Marx wanted the people to buy his own drug, a toxic and destructive brew that reduces all who ingest it to despair and hopelessness.

Marxism/socialism/Progressivism is the greatest threat to our freedom and way of life that exists in NZ. It is bemusing that people (even if they do perceive it as a negative social influence) choose to put energy into attacking Christianity when Marxism is not only breathing down our necks, its actually got its damn hands around our throats and is choking the life out of us.

The truth is that this fierce opposition to Christianity is part of the Marxist plan. Disagreement is one thing, but when you wage war against Christianity, especially if you do it in the name of freedom, you’re making a mistake.

Those political forces who currently seek the destruction of religion and ultimate power over this country have a fate in store for you much worse than you ever thought Christianity might bring upon you. And while you have been obsessing over this relatively piffling issue, they have made great strides forward in achieving their long term totalitarian objectives.

If you consider yourself a protector of liberty, don’t assist our enemies by allowing them to manipulate you into hating a force they want to see destroyed because it is a major impediment to their plans for a modern day dictatorship of the proletariat. Anyone intelligent should know better.

32 thoughts on “God Haters Channeling Karl Marx

  1. There’s nothing to add to that–it says about all that matters on the subject.
    But…how to turn it around? Is it even possible?


  2. Hehe, anything is possible.

    But I know what you are talking about.

    With so many people, their hatred towards Christianity is so intense and obsessive as to be insane. There is an army of fruitcakes out there all doing Karl Marx’s bidding without even knowing it.

    (And there is the queers)


  3. Quite agree. The despair & hopelessness has arrived already. We are just waiting for the warts.


  4. don’t assist our enemies by allowing them to manipulate you into hating a force they want to see destroyed..

    The problem here is that, certainly in the case of the CoE, the Church has given into Marxism and are actively preaching it under the guise of PC’ness.

    The feminisation of the clergy (including the nature of the males) has taken away that edginess toward conflicting ideologies and instead has embraced them – both Marxism and Islam.


  5. Yes, you’re right Mawm, and that is a good point, one that I overlooked in my rant.

    I’m not so sure how this effects the equation.

    Have to think about it.


  6. Don’t forget the fact, that we Knight heretics who have absolutely no idea what they believe in and the bigger the bullshit they expound,the more they are revered. Remember Lloyd Geering.


  7. Alas, they have to win and be allowed to run their political system before the welfare state mendicants understand that it’s not economically sustainable…..ever. When the welfare system implodes due to the excess milking and wealth creators pissing off, they’ll get the message. To put that day off the printing presses of teeny weeny QE1 Kiwi style will run and, gosh, pop the currency bubble.

    Quicker the better.

    Note that new capital export controls are the first reaction of a panicking government.
    If it should be somewhere else, do it now.


  8. Furher to mawm’s coment on the CofE,Ratzinger(the Pope) in his book Milestones discusses in Chapter 11 on his time at Tubingen university,shared by Romans and Lutherans. He says in 1967 there was “at almost a moment’s notice” a change in the idealogical paradigm by which the students and a part of the teachers thought.Up to then ,he says it was Bultmann’s theology and Heidegger’s philosophy that “determined the frame of reference for thinking,almost overnight the existentialist model collapsed and was replaced by the Marxist.”


  9. I have been raised in a Christian family, but unlike many others, i understand and respect the values that underpin Christianity.
    For me, it is not hard to see the destruction that ‘liberalism’ brings and all I see at the end of that path is a dysfunctional society, controlled by the state. I will never be free of my conscience but i’d never trade it for the state.


  10. @mawm

    “The problem here is that, certainly in the case of the CoE, the Church has given into Marxism and are actively preaching it under the guise of PC’ness.

    The feminisation of the clergy (including the nature of the males) has taken away that edginess toward conflicting ideologies and instead has embraced them – both Marxism and Islam.”

    This here that you mention are cults. It isn’t Christian. Their up there with those people that say only white people will go to heaven. Probably, in the Jimmy Jones range too. That is the range Christians Think of these kind of groups. Does this help some?


  11. @ Kathleen

    Which are cults – the CoE, Marxists, Islam or feminised clergy? What has this to do with only whites going to heaven?

    Unfortunately your comment is incoherent and seems to be miles off the point.


  12. The founder of Christianity had something to say about this phenomenon:

    “All men will hate you because of me, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved.” ~ Matthew 10:22

    “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own. As it is, you do not belong to the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. That is why the world hates you.” ~ John 15:18-19

    Most of the time the hatred doesn’t really touch me, except for my desire to remain mostly anonymous just in case some nutter does decide I’m worth disturbing in real life.

    I’ve just spent a week in Sydney with my sister who is still not totally happy that I’ve reverted back to Catholicism. She was brought up Catholic herself, and so seems to me to be far more antagonistic to faith than her husband who was baptised in some Christian denomination, but never had any real religious instruction. From my experience and reading, a recurring theme that I’ve noticed is those that are most against Christianity seem to have some sort of major moral issue they don’t want to deal with in their own lives.


  13. I reckon you’re final sentence is exactly right LM. A lot of the attacks on Christianity comes from the queers. Look at the ACLU for example, that outfit is spearheaded by queers.


  14. Angus,

    Yes, there are a number of homosexual inclination who are very much on the attack against Christianity (such as Dan Savage, for example). Personally, I’ve found however that most are predominantly wounded souls who are just struggling for acceptance and feel that Christianity attacks them (and there are Christians who do attack them, who don’t distinguish between the sinner and the sin).

    For me, the worst are not homosexual. I won’t name them, but there are particular commenters who go into an almost frothing frenzy when I comment on some sites. They are the ones I would not want to be alone in a room with.


  15. Well put Lucia, as is your excellent comment on Kiwiblog. I wish I had your ability to present an argument so cogently, but then my IQ is at least 20 points below yours and falling. 🙂 And in the case of at least one of the commenters you allude to I too would not want to be left alone with him either! Your scripture quotes in comment 13 above are spot on too.


  16. An interesting statement Lucia – do you care to elaborate on the core motivations of these “wounded souls”? Since you get so much poison spat at you, considering that you are an unoffensive person, I’d love to know where all of this stems from in your opinion.


  17. Angus,

    The wounded ones don’t tend to spit the poison at me so much as some of the others. A core motivation for many people is a desire for healing, however the poison spitters don’t necessarily fit into that category. Some, I think, react from an aversion to having their conscience awakened. One in particular, whom I can actually have conversations with, I’m convinced is a Satanist (the mask slipped one day). Anyway, I don’t think I can really answer your question that well, since generalising on core motivations is difficult and I don’t want to mix the wounded souls with the poison spitters, as they typically are different groups even though there is some overlap.


  18. A good post RB, the religion du jour of “Alternative” sexual orientation is now the overwhelming drug of the people.

    The tale of the sheep, the wolf and the sheepdog rule true, there are fewer sheepdogs (us) than wolves (them) but a shipload of sheep who will pretend to be “alternative” just to be seen as “in”.

    Christianity by its sheer moral messages, calls the wolves out, and quite simply, they don’t like it.


  19. Nice post Red. What I find interesting is that when you make various statements around NZ being infected with left wing thinking, the reaction you get from many (on the left) is that because it is indeed the default viewpoint, they cannot see it. Thus, your comments will come as appearing (to them) hyperbolic and without substance. However, one doesn’t have to look far to uncover the evidence behind your assertions.

    Indeed, within 15 minutes of reading your post the other day, I opened up the Sunday Star Times and read this EDITORIAL. Kind of proves your point, really.

    Keep the posts coming Red!


  20. Wow. The proletariat is the majority in any capitalist society, therefore a “dictatorship of the proletariat” is actually a “dictatorship of the majority”, or as it’s known more commonly, a democracy. Nice work making democracy sound like some sort of soviet horror.


  21. NZ, a never ending process of being dragged kicking and screaming into the 21 st century…….a rare good job by NatLab.

    “Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson announced today that small and medium-sized businesses with fewer than 20 employees will no longer be required, under Part 6A of the Employment Relations Act (ERA), to continue the employment of groups of low-paid employees such as cleaners when a business is restructured.”

    It never occurred to welfare statists and union rent seekers ( but I repeat myself) that new work practices might be necessary…….because small and medium sized business can and eventually will get on an aeroplane and go west to avoid being touched up by the collective.


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  23. We can safely ignore anything the clowntroll James types one-handed, but Trina’s comment is odd..what part of “I’m agnostic myself” doesn’t she understand?


  24. Thanks heaps for this article.

    As a Christian I appreciate that someone is finally addressing this.

    I think it has been getting worse as time has gone on…and some politicians are using it to destroy every argument that a person (who happens to be Christian) says.


  25. Check out this load of unadulterated horseshit from Don Brash:

    Conflating fundamental Christianity with Islamic terrorism? Fuckwit should stick to the economy, where he knows what he’s talking about.


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  27. “Check out this load of unadulterated horseshit from Don Brash:”

    Sounds like he’s been tucking into Lindsay Queerigo’s stash.


  28. It’s amusing that the enemies of Christianity tend to believe in such nonempirical rubbish as:
    – human equality
    – social benefits to more women in the workplace
    – superiority of government redistribution of wealth to that of free markets

    That about covers the left…

    Secularists, at least the ones hostile to Christianity, tend to believe politicians are truly our betters and the perfecters of humanity. Zero evidence…

    They’re so concerned with empirical evidence they’re generally oblivious to the 180+ million non-martial killings at the hands of leftist governments in the 20th century. But at least they have people’s backs when it comes to Crusaders and Spanish Inquisitors. And, of course, abortion clinic bombers, which are a rare but serious threat to the lives of roughly 0.00005% of the population.


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