A New Year Message For John Key

Key Bucket List

Well, I have always disliked this unprincipled lame little boy politician, and his bucket list ambition to be PM, and his betrayal of almost everything that the National Party once stood for while seeking the “popularity” that is his be-all and end-all.


His political emptiness has long been apparent, but it was his radio appearances in the lead up to the Christmas holidays that really emphasized (to me anyway) just what a waste of time this fellow really is.

key gay marriage

While I no doubt risk being lumped into David Farrar’s “humour impaired” category for not chortling gleefully over what a “natural personality” John Key is compared to say Helen Klark, I found the PM’s descent to the simian level of morning radio, where he out imbeciled the imbeciles, to be the most nauseating event.


Key groveled sickeningly to the audience and his hosts, and danced in Gangham style (made popular by a US hating Korean “pop star”) and carried out a mock homosexual wedding ceremony. Really fitting for Christmas right?


Meanwhile, Farrar proudly advertises that John Key and Barack Obama get on so well. Yep, the NZ PM and the communist crook whose ambition is to destroy the country recognised as the leader of the free world, are bosom buddies. Something to really make you feel all warm and fuzzy and inclusive inside right?


I wonder if Key ever reflects upon how he has so completely betrayed the principles of the party he leads and whether if he does this, it ever causes any reaction other than a smug self satisfied smirk to cross his face.


At the time of Klark’s dismissal, the country needed a political leader of vision and clarity, able to articulate a new political direction and with a rhetorical ability to persuade the country to follow him in his mission.

Key Tama Iti crop

Well, we dipped out there big time. Key has no vision, he has no rhetoric, he cannot articulate a reformist political position, and his only concern seems to be his lame preoccupation with remaining popular.

Hence his appearance in the cultural waste land of morning radio. Hence the events and news headlines that have characterised Key’s interventionist progressive style and Maori pandering leadership-

John Key on Letterman’s Late Show
Exodus To Australia Hits Record
Key says no to changing smacking law
Foreigners flock to New Zealand
Key and Sharples – Maori flag will fly on Waitangi Day
Govt delays asset sales
John Key Goes Gangham
I’ve never lied about Kim Dotcom
John Key had heard of Kim Dotcom after all
Facebook’s Zuckerberg meets PM John Key
John Key vows no opposition for Gay Marriage Bill
New high for Kiwis leaving for Australia
John Key in Hollywood
Key says yes to Maori flag over bridge
John Key pledges to fight Coro switch
National too timid on MMP review
Gay marriage gets PM’s full support
Is National Deliberately insulting Colin Craig?
Conservatives poll higher than ACT, United Future and Mana
How long will Key continue backing Banks?
Key: Obama Likes My Red Shirt
‘Happy outcome’ to Maori Party, PM meeting
Mighty River: Key leaves door open to Maori shares
Maori Party ‘pleased’ with PM’s meeting pledge
Writing’s on the wall for MMP referendum
Key says MMP voting system has its advantages
Govt probably rueing MMP review pledge
MMP changes bad news for National
Key slams Conservative promiscuous claim

Oh and here’s my message to Key-

Piss off.

27 thoughts on “A New Year Message For John Key

  1. I think that even worse than his (Key’s) ugly trying to be popular is his ugly Maorification of our country. I think that this is a terrible threat to us in the long term. He is a traitor to NZ.


  2. When Helen Clark became Prime Minister, she had an unwavering, steely resolve to heave as much of her pathological social engineering agenda onto the country with the two or three election cycles available to her. Pretty much all of the agenda of the 1973 feminist action conference has been achieved by the Lange & Clark governments:

    Abortion free and on demand
    Sex education and birth control implemented into the education system
    An end to family laws
    De facto relationships to be afforded the same legal status as a marriage
    Homosexual law reform
    Prostitution law reform
    Paid maternity leave
    Government finance of free child care centres
    Civil unions (a precursor to a free-for-all of relationship types that will be eventually afforded marital status)

    In fact the only goal not implemented in some guise or rather is the one in which the rearing, social welfare and education of children should become the responsibility of society rather than individual parents. But of course the smacking bill is a bridgehead to this end.

    That was Labour’s plan. What is Nationals ?


  3. “But these are often part of a greater dissatisfaction with the way they see things going in Britain: schools, they say, can’t hold nativity plays or harvest festivals any more; you can’t fly a flag of St George any more; you can’t call Christmas Christmas any more; you won’t be promoted in the police force unless you’re from a minority; you can’t wear an England shirt on the bus; you won’t get social housing unless you’re an immigrant; you can’t speak up about these things because you’ll be called a racist; you can’t even smack your children.”

    Cameron, like Key, must surely be aware of the general dissatisfaction amongst his electorate especially regarding the above issues…………but each believes that those voters who do not want to vote labour have nowhere else to go. The Republican party believed the same……so their voters just did not show. Next election the results will show both Key and Cameron that they ignore their base at their peril.


  4. Mawm: As Barry said on my blog the other day; maybe Key doesn’t plan to be around.

    Redbaiter: Yes, Key has resorted to popularity; he has taken a page from Obama’s playbook; he is now into gimmicky stuff like gangnam style; his target market is now only children. I remember going to Auckland University to watch the gay-marriage debate between Louisa Wall and Colin Craig, and one of the pro-gay-marriage team stood up and said “I am gay and I vote National.” That said it all to me; if gays vote for National, then National is a progressive liberal party.
    BTW: How do you come up with long lists like the one at the bottom of your post? That really creates a clear, concise picture of Key.


  5. Terry- I just searched the headlines on Google using terms like “John Key Maori party” etc.

    The thing about Key is he is full on for queers, and turns up on braindead breakfast shows, and cuddles up to nauseating liberals like Letterman, and crawls to fake Maori, but he won’t do anything that really matters.

    Its all so lacking in substance. Key has no real message at all.

    Have you ever heard him say in public one thing that might mean he is thinking about the ideas behind the Nat’s founding principles? I haven’t.

    The Nats under Key are so incoherent, so intimidated by the left, so subjugated by the left wing media, they can’t even bring themselves to use the word “socialist” in a critical context.


  6. The NZeders who just might possibly, in the fullness of time, develop inclinations and new values beyond the dead hand of NatLab, have moved to Australia…. presumably aiming to escape an education system and govt on behalf of special people, for their kid’s futures sake.

    That’s 500,000. A diaspora that could, in a fantasy return, change NZ politics…..cos they very likely wouldn’t put up with that shit any more.


  7. Thanks for that Pascal.

    Saw your comment about Mark Levin cutting that person off who suggested some Repubs were under-cover Democrats.

    I heard that and I shared your feelings.

    These talk show hosts are OK and Mark does so much we should be grateful for, but they are in reality only entertainers.

    They really only touch on the darkness and corruption that exists today.

    As always, it is really down to the man in the street.


  8. Dear Redbaiter,

    How come we never see you any more on nz.general?

    Miss you, big guy…

    Kindest regards,

    Morrissey Breen, Northcote Point


  9. Hi Morrisey.

    Long time no see.

    There just is not time for the blogosphere and usenet Morrisey, so I chose the blogosphere for its bigger audience potential.

    IIRC, you were one of the few left wingers who generally played with a straight bat, so best wishes and compliments of the season to you.

    Stay tuned, might be something that interests you happening next year.


  10. A few more people like Morrisey around, and some dialogue between left and right might be possible. But such lefties are rare, alas…..


  11. I agree Redbaiter. Even though I won’t trust any of these talkers as far as I can throw them — and Mark is quite large — I still approve of the fact that he’s saying much of what I would like to say if I had his audience. Really he’s offering the water-like truth to men dying of thirst and we will pay dearly to hear it. He’s made millions on his books reiterating what people like you and I have been saying for years but without the bullhorn.

    What frustrates me, as in that particular segment where he cut off the caller, is I’d simply take much of what he says further and to the point: “Our rulers don’t like us much, so we better be careful and seek leaders that are worthy of replacing them.” In his favor, how long would he be allowed to continue broadcasting if he spoke the full truth? Yeah right. We get angry when we hear lies; the bigwigs get dangerous when they hear the truth.

    As to your other point about them being entertainers: there is indeed some of that. And there is also the fear that they know they are all on a short leash as this demonstrates even as they go out the door. I never forgot a moment when David Brinkley was being feted on his last show by all the other anchors at ABC. He was about to say something about the viewers speaking about the news amongst themselves more than they do in all his years of broadcasting. But before he got far, Peter Jennings, then the biggest anchor at ABC, said sternly “Now David….” And Brinkley shut up on the spot. There is far more going on behind the scenes than ever we will ever really know, but we do catch glimpses of the Wizard of Oz puling the levers behind the curtain.

    On a final note, there is this piece by Wretchard today that begins:

    “Why Is It That So Many Good Causes Get Hijacked By Bad People?” asked R.F. Wilson. “Take human rights. I’ve got nothing against human rights. In fact, I’m all for them. But why is it that so many disgusting people hijack the good cause of promoting and safeguarding human rights and start milking it for all it’s worth? And eventually it results in lowlifes and scumbags jumping on the human rights bandwagon and pushing out decent people whose liberties and freedoms are trampled and abused. It’s just ain’t right.”

    The danger of corruption doesn’t stop with the human rights crowd. The anti-capitalist, anti-war, anti-pollution, anti-racism and even animal welfare organizations are all vulnerable. They sometimes mutate into horrible parodies of their original intent. Why does it happen?

    That’s easy. It is because, as Willie Sutton once said, that is where the money is.

    As is quite normal for Wretchard, he knows how to weave telling arguments together very very well. All those left-wing do gooders in some instances started out on the right. The love of money is neither left nor right, it is simply the root of all evil. What should our favorite talkshow hosts be immune?


  12. Did you hear that guy claiming the reason Warren Buffet backed Obama’s taxation propaganda was to repay Obama for blocking the Alaskan pipeline.

    Apparently Buffet’s railroads make a fortune from carting the oil and would be made obsolete by the pipeline.


  13. As Eric Hoffer said, “Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket.”

    The left is good at using slogans to keep a movement going way past it’s “best before” date, beyond which it turns, like a yoghurt left at the back of the fridge, into a toxic and ugly mess. The poisonous creed of modern day “civil rights/indigenous rights” or “women’s rights” seems dominated by the kind of supposed racism and sexism they oppose. Indeed, the feminists seem to keep alive the myth of patriarchal oppression as the means of justifying their equal-but-opposite will to power and sexist privilege; which, unlike the MYTH of patriarchal conspiracy against women, is very real. Any time the feminists talk about how disregarding men are of women’s humanity, I know they’re describing themselves perfectly. (Btw, I’ve found recently girlwriteswhat’s videos on Youtube, which cover men’s rights and related issues really well.)


  14. RB, what was the name of that book of his? Oh yeah….Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder
    Probably pathological narcissism. The left politicises everything (such as the lack of female police officers) just to elevate themselves in their own minds, reality be damned.
    Am just watching a video ‘Honeybadger Files 002: Erin Pizzey’ where she describes the hijacking of the domestic violence issue and how the marxist-feminists turned it into a billion dollar industry. It’s now just another racket as Eric Hoffer said.


  15. OT:

    I saw a quote which sums up Kiwiblog so well….

    “Politics is made up largely of irrelevancies.” — Dalton Camp

    (Btw, I tried including two Pravda links but the post wouldn’t show up. I left them out now to see if it works.)


  16. OT (contd)

    For the Pravda articles just search for: Global warming, the tool of the West & Americans never give up your guns.


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