Petal Pete- Whale's crawling sycophantic cowardly lying third rate "moderator"

Redbaiter, on a vote per comment basis remains as the most poplar commenter on the Whale Oil blog. This is a fact that causes the blog owner and his fawning sycophantic moderation crew some chagrin. How did someone who so often challenges the Whale’s progressive orthodoxy on so many political issues become the most favoured commenter on his blog? “What can we do about it?” one can hear them whispering.

Well, the solution they came up with was a campaign of lies and cowardly completely unproven false allegations, spearheaded by the dirty little prog coward Petal. Or Pete as he at other times calls himself.

Petal has and continues to assert that Redbaiter’s popularity is down to the fact that Redbaiter frequently voted for himself. In other words logged out, deleted cookies or whatever and that he sometimes did this up to 50 or more times a day. What evidence did Petal provide for this smear? None.

When asked for supporting evidence, all Petal has ever come up with is a long convoluted distorted load of absolute rubbish claiming that the pattern of the votes meant they had to be faked. IOW nothing. Petal is a liar and a coward. He wanted to smear and discredit Redbaiter as a counter to his popularity and that is all that is motivating this cowardly and sleazy campaign.

The fact that most of my upvotes were recorded on comments opposing marriage redefinition is the key. Whale and his sycophant Petal never understood that the issue did not really enjoy such widespread support as they believed. There is in fact a mountain of opposition to marriage redefinition, coming from a sector of the population that progressives like Whale and Petal would not likely or frequently come in contact with.

Their ignorance of the real widespread opposition to marriage redefinition though is no excuse for Petal’s lies and cowardice. What he should do is retract and apologise. However that is only what a gentleman or someone with some moral boundaries might do. It would be a clear mistake to expect such behaviour from a dirty little suckholing Prog liar and coward like Petal.

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  1. I don’t bother with the place anymore. There are just screeds and screeds of inane YouTube clips posted by someone called Pete or Travis. And as for Blubber Hole himself, his posts typically consist of a one or two sentence intro involving the use if the words “ratbag” or “green Taliban” followed by a direct link to a mainstream media article. And what’s with the prompt that he uses on the smallest of posts that could easily fit on one screen? Is that just to artificially inflate his hit rate? It must be, I guess that tawdry little web page is all he has left, especially now after his and Barnsley Bill’s little stint at The Truth was such a fiasco. He seems to have a fair share of sycophantic fan-boys though.


  2. Yes, agree with all you say. As a political blog its pretty much a shambles but I guess that is what happens if you makes hits the priority over substance. Actually, I don’t care too much about that. What Whale does with his blog is his business, and I actually wish him success, even if I frequently disagree with his progressive political standpoints.

    There is just no reason to smear me or lie about me in such a cowardly manner, and that Petal/Pete does this when he knows I cannot defend myself makes it even more cowardly. As I said, its just the progressive mindset. They have lost/forgotten all understanding of what was once traditional honourable behaviour.


  3. Red, something is new here; have you just redesigned the site or something?

    As for Whale Oil, I seldom go there (mainly time constraints) but also my Explorer 8 is not compatable for some reason.

    Urban, have a look around this site; they are pushing for a new sexual orientation–paedophilia:


  4. Terry, yeah, I got enthused and changed to a new theme.I don’t have a lot of time for blogging but this particular theme makes it a bit easier and quicker.


  5. How do you stop spam? I get attacked and attacked; I think it has something to do with the word ‘conservatism.’ I am using a pretty aggressive anti-spam 3rd party site ‘Mollom’ to control spam and they are very good, but still they come. I have now blocked entire countries like China and Russian etc, and still they come (mind you less lately).


  6. WordPress has a built in spam filter that works OK (Akismet) but still some get through. Funny thing I never got so many with the old theme, but I’ve had about 100 today so far. Probably 95% caught.


  7. I am using Drupal and Mollom is their default spam filter, but a week ago I got something like 28,000 hits on one page in one day (it wasn’t spam; it was an attack); I was able to contain it in my htaccess file by blocking ip ranges, but eventually that is going to be a problem as I could also block real people. Lately it has been okay, but I will see how it goes.


  8. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit if it was an organised attack based on your political views. The progs just hate to see people using language they don’t approve of.


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