Hollywood- Progressive propagandists get what they've had coming

“Insiders” are refering to the season of Hollywood releases as the “Summer of Doom”. with the failure of a series of big budget movies and takings down 20% on last year. I’ve been personally boycotting Hollywood for a long time. When they give offensive progs like Meryl Streep the role of Margaret Thatcher, and use the traitor Jane Fonda to play Nancy Reagan, they obviously don’t care about my patronage, so ergo, they don’t get it.

Entertainment is just another of our cultural sectors that has been conquered by the progs, and they’ve made little of interest to me for some time. (Zero Dark Thirty excluded), Their problem is stories, and progs are just too dumb and too ignorant of history to come up with any.

Showcasing their originality and genius, the next Warner Bros blockbuster would pit Batman against Superman. The director said excitedly, “this is beyond mythological.” Other upcoming movies are Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Thor 2, Fantastic Four 3 and Godzilla 2. If you don’t like any of those you can always wait for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Ted Nugent would probably say Hollywood was a pack of useless no talent liberal arseholes, and by and large he’d be right. My personal view is the sooner they go broke, the better for the civilised world.

3 thoughts on “Hollywood- Progressive propagandists get what they've had coming

  1. I stopped watching the Hollywood crap years ago. Their talentless actors and with their masturbatory egos and left wing idolisation turned me off long ago. I tend to stick to the Brit movies……….and maybe some old spaghetti westerns or old war movies.


  2. Ha we are of like mind there.

    Try and get a copy of Zero Dark Thirty. Its the story of the hunt for Bin Laden, and how he was found largely due to the efforts of one 28 year old female agent, who had to press her bosses for six months (IIRC) or more before they made the raid that killed him. Its remarkably free of the usual liberal brainwashing bullshit.


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