Journalists, frequently subversives, should not be exempt from surveillance

The subversive Nicky Hagar, who professes to be a journalist, writes a column in the communist rag the Sunday Star Times today criticising NZ security forces for describing journalists as “subversives” and for subjecting some of them to surveillance.

Leaving aside the fact that I would agree with the NZ Defence Force’s assessment, it would have to be the height of ignorance to suggest that journalist should be exempt from such surveillance. The history of the free world is littered with the names of journalists who have betrayed us to totalitarian one party regimes. Regimes led by mass murderers and psychopaths who see democratic countries as an impediment to total global control.

Burgess and Philby for example were two UK journalists who ran off to their Soviet Union utopia after they were exposed. Many a loyal security operative lost their lives by means of the betrayal of these two subversives.

To be fair, journalists were often used by MI6 and other agencies to spy against totalitarian regimes too, but this is not a fact that supports the position that journalists should be exempt from surveillance.

My view is that the craft of journalism is totally politically corrupted anyway today, where most so called journalists see their purpose as dragging society further left into progressive totalitarianism. Ring fencing discussion to subjects they approve of and barring ideas that challenge Marxism/ socialism.

Given this brain damaged approach, its not at all unlikely that there would be similarly dedicated Burgess types at work today. I say if any sector of society needs surveillance, journalists need it more than most.