National Party blog suckholes continue to smear Colin Craig

What is the favourite tactic that Progs use to discredit anyone who threatens their hold on power? I think readers of this blog might agree it is to label them as insane. The next is to call them dishonest.

There’s a good example over on Prog/ National blog Whale Oil, where they’re once again doing their best to smear Colin Craig. In a post entitled “The mad or bad, Key’s choice” Slater says-

“On the Mad side there is Colin Craig and his cultists who think that Colin Craig is the saviour all all things politic. … His loyal supporters are madder than him,”

“I have never met an honest politician, ever and Colin Craig is no exception.”

Slater can’t leave Craig’s disdain for traditional marriage redefinition alone either-

“Then there was his shameful attacks on marriage equality to rark up the redneck and intolerant vote, when he has no intention or even the ability to repeal the laws.”

There is one thing you can get from Whale Oil, and that’s a feel for just how hopelessly ideologically lost the National Party is. How it is so completely a victim of the left wing narrative, and how it gormlessly allows itself to be used as a carrier of poisonous left wing concepts and language.

Craig is not insane. That’s just a typically cowardly left wing smear. Neither is Craig really or exceptionally dishonest. Slater admits this when he says he doesn’t know a politician who isn’t. Apparently John Key’s opposition to global warming and his embrace of it after election doesn’t count. Key said WFF was “naked communism”, but he’s done nothing to change it. How about John Banks, of Kim Dotcom donation fame?

And Slater uses more left wing language in claiming that Louisa Wall’s Marriage Redefinition Act was about “equality”. It wasn’t of course, but anybody who describes themselves as “right wing” (as delusional as that may be) should not be falling for the “equality” narrative anyway, regardless of where its used. It is a totally Marxist concept.

The point about Craig and the Conservative Party was made well enough in an earlier post.

“What matters is that they give a platform to ideas that challenge the sclerotic liberal orthodoxy around which the major parties and their media cheerleaders are huddled. To my mind, anything that breaks this ideological death-grip is worth supporting.” Russell Taylor (Bogpaper Blog) writing on the UKIP.

There are actually quite a few things I could criticise Colin Craig on if I wanted to, but insanity and dishonesty are not two of them. I leave that kind of weak cowardly bullshit to the left.

4 thoughts on “National Party blog suckholes continue to smear Colin Craig

  1. We all know Slater doesn’t deal from a full deck. Anyway I never read his blog and none of his opinions are worth any consideration.


  2. I read the above post this morning on Whale and just shook my head. He believes I am a cultist and have a mental disorder because I support a party that believes Govt shouldn’t spend more than it earns, that should stop special favouritism due to a person ethnicity, that the public of NZ should have democratic rights, that we should have small Govt rather than big Govt.

    Well I have one thing to say to you Mr Whale – Goodbye, I won’t be adding to your precious page views any more.


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