Police, investigating white man Greg Shackleton, but Maori can shut down courthouses

In the most stark example of the political corruption that infests NZ at the hands of the progs, we saw a massive outcry yesterday concerning a perceived insult thrown at a Muslim taxi driver by an elderly white Invercargill man. He was going to be investigated by the Police, and re-educated by the Human Rights Commission. Might even lose his job. That will teach that horrible criminal right? The usual Kiwiblog progs are cheering their stupid damn heads off.

But if you’re Maori, and you invade and shut down a courthouse in Taranaki, the Police do nothing, and the government stays quiet. Story from NZ Herald-

A group of 200 protesters forced the Hawera District Court to abandon proceedings this morning.Judge Allan Roberts was to hear several cases as part of a standard police list day, but supporters of Kiri Campbell, who was due to appear on charges of using a document for pecuniary advantage, forced him to remain in his chambers.

The public gallery was packed with people, some even having to sit on the floor. One protester was waving a flag and Judge Roberts, through police, requested the flag be removed but the protester refused.

About six police and court security officers entered the courtroom at 10.15am to ask the protester to remove the flag a final time but he refused, and court officers including media were escorted from the courtroom.

And apparently that is the end of it. No arrests, no investigations. That’s NZ under the progs for you. Don’t dare insult an immigrant, (you evil racist), especially if you’re an elderly white man, but you can shut down a court house anytime you like if you’re a member of the special race.

And those lib bastards at Transparency International still keep saying there’s no corruption in NZ.

6 thoughts on “Police, investigating white man Greg Shackleton, but Maori can shut down courthouses

  1. Keep it up RB. Eventually those who keep diverting their eyes and minds might finally wake up. Ace of Spades is almost there.

    The primary problem with the so-called elites is that they are not elite,
    and they are neither wise, nor intelligent, nor educated, nor
    enlightened, nor superior in any fashion save two, accident of
    circumstance and elevated self-regard.

    They do not have any conception of what they’re doing, of the history of
    this country, or of the disasters their stupidity visits upon the ruled
    every day of the year.

    And they will be the death of us all.
    — Ace of Spades, Obama: I Didn’t Bother Asking a Lawyer If I Could Unilaterally Suspend the Law; All I’ve Done Is Merely Seize Plenary Power on Behalf of the People

    Ace is almost where I have been for over 2 decades. Yet Ace does not see the errant connection between his second paragraph and his third. “They do not have any conception … that they will be the death of us all.”

    To see why else I am disappointed with all top Right Bloggers, please click on my name above.


    • You’re on to it Pascal, the self appointed elites know well what they are about. Take journolist for example- They saw Palin’s inaugural speech and their reaction was “Wow, she’s so good she is going to win the election for McCain, we have to destroy her,” and then they went on to discussing strategies to achieve this.

      They are thugs and crooks and liars and propagandists it is so plain and yet the Republicans still treat them with respect and dignity. Clueless.

      (tried to post at your blog but got in a tangle.)


  2. Red, today is the third day in a row that the Herald has put the taxi passenger through the wringer. I am really quite pissed about this one. This guy is an individual; he has no public profile; he is not a celebrity; he is not in the media; he is not a politician; he is no one; he is Joe Bloggs who hasn’t even committed a crime; he did nothing but hurt someone’s feelings in a drunken state. When individuals have their lives ruined for nothing more than being a drunken pratt, we are in serious trouble.

    And as you say, the privileged get a free walk.


  3. I’m sorry about the tangle. Send me an email and I’ll post it for you. (In order to keep comment spam under control I’ve got anonymous posting turned off. Blogger is quite the PITA.)


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