Invercargill Police Send Shackleton a WARNING letter- Jack booted Orwellian tyrants

Man, now we’ve had a lot of heated discussion on an issue that we shouldn’t have really been talking about, but this latest news has really burnt me up.

Mr Shuttleworth was called in to the local police station for questioning today.

Called in for questioning about what exactly? What was the offence?

Police say they have given an Invercargill man a formal written warning following racial comments he made to a taxi driver. Southland Area Commander Inspector Lane Todd said on Wednesday that police have given Mr Shuttleworth, in his mid-40s, a formal written warning after looking at the evidence available and following an interview.

No additional action will be taken. Mr Todd says the decision was made after discussions with Mr Humayan, with police taking his views into account in their decision not to prosecute.

Commander Todd should pack his jackboots in his damn bags and leave just behind the whining little anti-free speech Paki who started this whole thing. I suggest Nth Korea or Cuba as the most appropriate destination.

What an atrocious abuse of power this is. Police management in NZ needs a a clean out of these kind of Orwellian totalitarian thugs, but I don’t think Judith Collins is the one to do it. We badly need fresh politicians who respect and promote the liberties that once made Britain and its colonies the leaders of the free world.

(Wonder how the police are dealing with the people who shut down a Taranaki courthouse yesterday?)

6 thoughts on “Invercargill Police Send Shackleton a WARNING letter- Jack booted Orwellian tyrants

  1. ” I thank God that I am NOT MARRIED to Crusher Collins”

    She would make a better PM than Key.


  2. I wonder when all those Mouldy up north will called in for their visits to the police stations for telling white New Zealanders to get off their beaches and to fuck off back to where they came from.

    This is just unbelievable cowering to the PC brigade by Inspector Todd (and I’d be willing to lay some money on the probability of political interference as well).


    • Yes, the action is so selective in how its been applied (white guy) you could call it racist itself.

      That’s how the rot starts though, with entrenching ideas in the police Force. This idiot commander is probably firmly of the idea that he has done a good and wonderful thing here.


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