So called journalists and their fake concern for democracy.

Lets face it. Most self professed “journalists’ these days are fake. The profession has changed and rather than objective reporting the focus is advocacy. Unfortunately its mostly political advocacy, and almost exclusively left wing.

If you want to know what the Progressive viewpoint is on any issue you’ll find it instantly in any newspaper, or on any radio or television station. What if you want the Conservative viewpoint? You’ll search in vain, because newspaper editors and TV stations and radio broadcasters, who claim to care about democracy, will not allow Conservatives a voice.

Political and social commentary in NZ lies almost exclusively in the hands of the Progressives.Worse, they frequently claim to speak for the majority, as they did during debate over the Marriage Redefinition Bill. Yet in the one poll TV3 conducted, the media were shocked to find a 78% vote against the view they had been so relentlessly pushing.

If those who profess to practice the trade of journalism really cared about democracy, we’d find at least some Conservative columnists in the NZ Herald or The Dominion Post. We’d see a Conservative presenter on TV One or TV3. We see none of these things. The whining over democracy from the Journalist’s Association and the Press Gallery and other journalist organisations stinks of rank hypocrisy.

They do not give a damn for democracy. The profession has been perverted into a voluntary version of Pravda, where only one view is sanctioned and anything that might seriously challenge that view is verboeten or parodied or lampooned, but only very infrequently given serious treatment. Its not a good thing that Vance’s phone records were handed over, but for her and other journalists to cite it as an attack on democracy is too much. They’ve been attacking democracy themselves for decades, and by deliberate intent. Saying they care about is now is to me, just an annoying farce.