David Benson Pope- Leftists have no shame

Its reported that David Benson Pope is “making a come back”. Apparently time heals everything. Not for me. This prog POS crossed too many lines, and if NZers elect him to any kind of office at all in the future, then they deserve any misfortune that may befall them. Just for the record-

In May 2005 Benson-Pope stood down from cabinet after allegations that he had physically abused students while teaching at Bayfield High School in the 1980s. The allegations included charges he stuffed a tennis-ball in a student’s mouth and taped his hands to a desk, threw tennis balls at students’ heads, caned a student until he bled, and smacked a student in the face with the back of his hand on a school camp, making his nose bleed.

Investigate magazine in February 2006 published further allegations of improper behaviour during Benson-Pope’s teaching days. It said he forced students to stand outside for lengthy periods in their nightwear for misbehaviour during a school camp in the 1980s. An update on the magazine’s website also claimed that Benson-Pope had entered the female dormitory and showers in 1997 while 14-year-old girls were undressed. Benson-Pope dismissed the allegations as nonsense.

Nonsense? I reckon I know well enough what this creeping little commie bastard really is.

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4 replies

  1. As the twig is bent the tree is inclined


  2. You need a sex scandal if you want to be a lefty politician. I suppose leering at 14 year old girls and BDSM count (he was into BDSM in Dunedin and had the moniker “panty”).


  3. The police found that was a prima facie against David Benson-Peep like there was against Helen Clark. Compare this with the MSM’s attack on David Garrett a historic crime. Also compare this with Dirty Darren, recidivist sexually predator. Garrett’s crime was a silly thing that did not really harm anyone. I would bet the parents of the dead baby would be left wing voters. Benson-Peep and Dirty Darren have left real teenage victims.


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