The fix is in- Maori names for Nth and Sth Island on the way

Our elite ruling group is going through the usual charade of public consultation on renaming of the Nth and Sth Island. But the process is just the same kind of farce as we saw on the Marriage Redefinition Act, where submissions objecting to the change were dismissed as being representative of intolerant bigots. Its down to Maurice Williamson, the most arrogant elitist in the government, so it will be rammed through for sure.

The North Island will be Te Ika a Maui and the South will be Te Waipounamu.

Ngai Tahu’s Tahu Potiki said “It’ll bring all the pedants out of the bloody provinces is all. It’ll probably draw out a few rednecks as well but I think it’s a nice idea.”

Labour MP Rino Tirikatene,said there was the possibility the debate could degenerate into racism.

Glenis Philip-Barbara, chief executive of Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori, the Maori Language Commission, said she supported the move.

So there you go all you racist redneck pedants. Enjoy it or STFU.

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  1. Of course, it’s possible to engage in a long explanation of why this renaming is a stupid and racist idea, but a lot of us are sick and tired of trying to reason with clowns, troughers, racists and opportunists, so I’ll just leave my contribution as:
    get fucked, the lot of you. The two islands will always be know as North and South islands whatever the abovementioned pieces of crap say.


  2. “get fucked, the lot of you.”


    After all, that’s more or less what they say to us.


  3. In the same league as the insidious unpromulgated recent change of the name of the country from New Zealand to some mythical place called Aotearoa.


  4. Another opportunity for me to enhance my radical image “Wow that guy calls the South Island the South Island”


  5. May I digress. It is as nonsensical as the crap a few years ago about wh. As it turns out, I was recently reading an article by a guy from Tasmania who visited NZ about 1860/s . He referred to the local maori staying in their whares on an island, & in brackets “pronounced warries”. All this sanctimonious nonsense about the f sound stems from a stenographer who was guided by an elder maori with a lisp. All the pc crowd have been sold a pup..

    As for the names of the Islands, and Mounts Cook & Taranaki, and the Flag, I will not be changing.


  6. I wonder if we will get the submission stats as to how many people said leave the names as they are–I doubt it.


  7. Message for Mr Potiki. Who do you think you are exactly? Stick your Ika a maui up your waiponamu. North it is, and South it is.


  8. How about a 5 letter word. Why not just tell them to whuck off ?


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