Jo Goodhew- Another National NINO.

In the spirit of National In Name Only, Jo is flat out giving other people’s money away on really worthwhile socialist initiatives. She’s got $1.9 million to unload, so what to do and where to spend? Decisions decisions…!!

“The Community Development Scheme supports communities which are working to generate their own solutions to local issues, and aspiring to become more self-reliant and resilient,” drones Mrs Goodhew. OK, example please.

Patumahoe Primary School, which will be funded to lead initiatives aiming to strengthen and preserve the local sense of identity. In the first year this will include reinstating the community newsletters, expanding the community website and holding workshops on local environmental issues.

Jesus give me strength, here are the Nats doing Green Party propaganda for them, indoctrinating young vulnerable minds with the idea that watermelons are their only saviours. For God’s sake what is wrong with these idiots? Helping the worst party in parliament set the social and political agenda.

When the hell are we ever going to get a real Conservative party in this god forsaken prog swamp??