Hey, Nikki Kaye says the kids are alright

NINOYouth Affairs Minister Nikki Kaye has today released the latest survey about the health and wellbeing of New Zealand secondary school students. In the 2012 survey, 8500 students from 91 randomly selected schools from around the country answered up to 600 questions on all aspects of their lives. Yeah sure, and how reliable is the data from such a survey? The survey shows-

42% of the young people reported they belonged to more than one ethnic group. In 2001, only 29% said they belonged to more than one ethnic group. Yep, so we’ve got a more racially divided population. WTF are we focusing on this Marxist bullshit for?

Samoan and Tongan young people are the most proud of their culture and heritage. Well good for them. Where are the proud Europeans I wonder? Told to STFU and apologise I suspect.

Only 56% of males say they will go on to more education and training when they leave school, compared with 71% of females. Well yeah, go those females. More Marxist bullshit. Birth rate plunging. Who cares if the white race of colonizers disappears?

The percentage of young people with good or very good emotional wellbeing has remained consistent between 2007 and 2012 (78.5% in 2007 and 76.2% in 2012.) Thank God they’re all so emotionally being well. What a relief that is.

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  1. Socialism is a female state of mind.

    I suppose that women have been doing it for millennia – that is spending someone else’s money. There are exceptions of course……


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