Watermelon’s Necessary Slide To Oblivion At Last Underway?

Watermelons (Green Party) vote down 3.3% in Australian elections. Last election they scored 11.7 of the vote, this election 8.4%.

In Australia the Watermelons are becoming more and more recognised as crazy job and economy destroying zealots and their brand is more toxic everyday. Their AGW scam has long been exposed as an incredible fraud.

About time they achieved the same recognition in New Zealand. The media needs to stop fawning over them and their mostly untrue propaganda needs to be expunged from the educational curriculum. The number of know-nothing but well indoctrinated Watermelon knuckle draggers emerging from our education system is a disgrace to a civilised country.

We need prosperity, not the ravings or influence of a discredited and crazed religious cult

8 thoughts on “Watermelon’s Necessary Slide To Oblivion At Last Underway?

  1. Abbott has won convincingly so he has got a true conservative mandate, so I just hope he uses it. We’ll need to watch him, however, as John Key also had the same mandate and chose the progressive route.


  2. On the TV 1 news tonight they said there is now a conservative govt on both sides of the Tasman. I swore and just about punched the TV. Imagine calling John Key and National conservative!? I actually thought about ringing the station and laying an Accuracy compliant.


  3. Not sure I share your optimism on Abbott. If you ask me he and his government are just another fake conservative, big taxing, big spending, over regulating, freedom hating bunch of (slightly less) rabid socialists than the Australian Labor Party. I sincerely hope I’m wrong about that. Having said that (and as a proud Liberal Democrats supporter and financial member) I am ecstatic at the prospect of David Leyonhjelm winning a senate seat. This guy is the real deal- a TRUE libertarian and will not support Abbott in any of his proposed tax hikes or attacks on personal freedoms. Freedom really does have a voice in the Australian parliament now- from someone who actually means it.


  4. Sorry Adam, I believe Libertarians to be just a subset of Progressivism. They will not lead us from the cultural totalitarianism of the left because they are too confused regarding the real problems we face.

    Conservatism is the only real effective force against tyranny, for its principles are designed specifically to oppose tyranny.


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