An Australian politician we could well do with in NZ

David Leyonhjelm is an Australian politician who is a Senator for New South Wales, representing the Liberal Democratic Party. He has been described as a “libertarian purist” who wants government “wound back to a minimal role in society”. He supports the repeal of the Minerals Resource Rent Tax and carbon pricing scheme, but opposes the Abbott Government’s proposed paid parental leave (dropped a few days ago) and “direct action” on climate change schemes as “bad in principle” and “a waste of taxpayers’ money”, respectively.

David is actually a reformed socialist, and as with most Libertarians, its not all good. However he has written a refreshing and effective article in the Daily Telegraph today arguing against over zealous enforcement of road laws. Given the lunatics running the Police in NZ, and with Michael Woodhouse’s awsome incompetence, we so badly need someone with Mr. Leyonhjelm’s views to fix things in NZ.

Speed limits are too low, set by the wrong people, and police labour under the ­ridiculous notion that by ­enforcing them they can ­reduce road accidents. And if you were booked under the “hoon” laws, the same applies. There is no need to feel bad.

The law needs to slow down, not the speeding drivers.

One thought on “An Australian politician we could well do with in NZ

  1. its all about the money. Speed is irrelevant. Look at the unlimited Autobahns in Europe.

    There have been studies showing comparisons between two roads the same, one with a reasonable speed limit and the other with an unrealistically low limit and overzealous enforcement. The one with the lower limit had more crashes.

    More money to be made with unrealistically low speed limits and targeting everyone with overzealous enforcement, rather than concentrate on dangerous drivers.

    Build proper roads.

    What is important is that everybody is driving at the same speed, in the same direction and paying attention to what is happening around them.


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