Parata building apartheid education system

Parata meets with "Maori Immersion" educators Huia Janke and Toni Waho

Parata meets with “Maori Immersion” educators Huia Janke and Toni Waho

John Key’s Education Minister Hekia Parata is welcoming the release of plaques in our schools today, to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi. Strangely, there is no graphic of the plaques, so I don’t know what’s on them, but given this womans determination, along with John Key, to split this nation asunder on race grounds its probably not good. I’d guess more of the same propaganda we’ve seen for years that tries to establish the Treaty as some kind of nation building document.


Also in the release is news that the Ministry of Education Indoctrination has opened a new website pushing more divisive apartheid promoting ideas. Says Parata-

“Many new schools are also taking up the Ministry’s offer to provide bilingual signage in their schools, often developed in partnership with the local iwi.”

Yeah, bilingual signage, that’s progress alright. Have a look at the site. Its sickening in its divisive Marxist undertones. Parata with her big government education system and her apartheid pushing ideas is a blight on this nation’s government and on every NZer’s right to live free of institutionalized racism. John Key keeps her on only because he’s the same kind of odious separatist. That’s what his flag change idea is all about.