Elizabeth Warren- a fake Cherokee supported by fake Hollywood liberals

Susan Sarandon, Olivia Wilde and Edward Norton are among the more than 90 entertainers urging Sen. Elizabeth Warren to throw her hat in the 2016 presidential race. I had to laugh at the statement by “Ready for Warren” super-PAC campaign manager Erica Sagrans “… they’re making it clear they’re inspired by Elizabeth Warren — her integrity, her authenticity, and her vision for what our country can be.”

Her authenticity? Really???

Warren is notorious for the embarrassing exposure of her fake claims to be of Cherokee Indian descent. She’s also a fake lawyer. She told fake stories about her parent’s elopement, her “high cheekbones” and her actual mingling and association with Native Americans. Only in Hollywood liberal lala land could she ever be defined as “authentic”.

From Wiki: Detailed genealogical investigation by a group of Cherokee genealogists showed that Warren had no Cherokee or other Native American ancestry.  The findings are set forth at the blog Thoughts From Polly’s Grandaughter which based the research on over one hundred primary sources and detailed the findings.

Its weird how faking Cherokee heritage seems to be a fad today. I suspect its a mental condition associated with narcissism and or attention seeking.

The Cherokee Syndrome