Did I hear right? Did John Key use the word “divisive”?

Labour leader Andrew Little has proposed looking at giving Maori greater self-governance, possibly including the ability to make some of their own laws.

John Key says he doesn’t agree and that such an event could be “divisive”. I agree with him but I don’t get why its taken Key this long to learn the word “divisive” exists.

  • He’s pandered to the divisive “Maori Party” every day of his term as PM.
  • He’s supported the flying of the divisive “Maori” flag.
  • He wants a new flag for NZ. What the hell is that if its not divisive?
  • He’s already given special legal status to Tuhoe with the The Te Urewera Bill.
  • Hes’ right there with any move to divide us on sexuality (Big Gay Out just one example)
  • What does he think multi-culturalism is if not divisive?

I’m glad Key has finally come across the word divisive. Maybe one day he’ll discover the concept of cultural Marxism.