Is the Prime Minister's personal integrity an important issue to NZ voters?

I’m not impressed by the argument that Joe Public doesn’t care if Key is being truthful about when he first knew of the Sabin issue. If so, then it doesn’t say much for the moral compass of the NZ voter. I wouldn’t vote for anyone I thought had the character of a manipulative liar, and if the public would indeed support such a person, then there is something wrong somewhere.

Then there is the cost of the by election. Leaving aside the issue as to whether news of the event would have affected the election outcome. Which it would have if it could ever have been proved that Key or National had tried to hide it from the public.

I remember there was much angst expressed by Nat supporters at Hone Harawira’s choice of a by election when he started Mana. A waste of money and time they said.

I was most impressed by the argument that Key would not be so stupid as to appoint Sabin as head of the Law and Order committee had he known of the alleged activity. Yes, that makes sense I thought. How could he be so stupid? He couldn’t be. Therefore Key could not have known.

Then today I realised that argument was completely null and void. When my attention was drawn to a NZ Herald article where Key, long after the date he said he was told of the issues with Sabin, declared he was “comfortable” with Sabin being Head of the Law and Order Committee. So its clear he could quite well be that stupid.

John Key to Radio NZ. Morning of 28th of January 2015.

“As I speak to you today, I’m very happy for him (Sabin) to continue in the position he does.”

Incredible really.

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