Jordan- We will wipe out ISIS completely

Air strikeJordan has reacted strongly to the burning alive of its captured pilot. Interior Minister Hussein al-Majali said al-Kaseasbeh’s killing was a turning point for Jordan.

He told the state-run al-Rai newspaper in comments published Saturday that Jordan will go after the militants “wherever they are.”

The most recent airstrikes are “the beginning of a continued process to eliminate them and wipe them out completely,” he said of the militants who control about a third of neighboring Syria and Iraq.

Jordanian fighter jets struck ISIS weapons depots and training sites Thursday and Friday. The kingdom joined a U.S.-led military coalition in September, but said after the killing of the pilot, Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, that it would intensify its air attacks.

Also interesting is the Minister’s request for Jordanians to report suspicious behaviour particularly in neighbourhoods with large numbers of immigrants.

Jordan’s reaction contrasts starkly with the timidity of the US (under Obama) and other Western nations. Something has to be done about ISIS, but sending troops bound by ridiculously PC rules of engagement to fight these animals is not the way it should be done. Strike out all of the recent soft cock regulations that have hampered the war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan and let our soldiers fight a real war. Take a few hints from Jordan.

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    • Yes, IMHO he is the worst thing to happen to the US ever. Just cannot believe that the land of the free has degenerated so much that they would elect this guy twice and that he still has around 45% support. So many Americans must have no idea what the US once stood for and how much it means to people like me all over the globe.

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