National Minister Michael Woodhouse brings Health and Safety to your farm

Woodhouse & Key The government is concerned about the number of injuries and deaths among the farming community. So what’s the answer? Michael Woodhouse, Workplace Relations and Safety Minister in the National govt knows. Its a new website and a cluster of new regulations of course. Not to mention a bunch of legalities for farmers and yet more of the same old same old that comes from any socialist government- more paper work.

Woodhouse claims there have been four times as many fatalities in the farming industry as the construction and forestry industries. Knowing the bureacracy’s penchant for massaging statistics to suit themselves, I’d take that claim with a grain of salt.

Anyone working in any industry where you actually need to get things done knows the burdensome futility of Health and Safety legislation. The intent is to identify someone to charge with offences, and that is why this legislation makes every farmer a PCBU. (person conducting a business or undertaking).

You can read about this legislation and how the govt is coming after you (if you’re a farmer) at