Key booed at Big Gay Out.

Key Drag QueenssmlNZ’s firmly Progressive PM John Key was booed when he appeared on stage at the homosexual gathering called the Big Gay Out held this weekend in Auckland.

“I voted for gay marriage” Key plaintively informed the sneering crowd. “National once only had 1 percent of the gay community.”

Well Mr Key, you might have won the support of a bunch of queers but you’ve lost my support. And the support of around 100,000 other NZers who voted for the Conservative party but were denied a voice in parliament due to the manipulation of the MMP system by yourself and your poodle ACT party.

And in fact a spokesperson at the “Big Gay Out”, Auckland drag queen Miss Ribena, said most of the crowd were “Labour and Greens supporters”.

Well then, that vote for the further disintegration of traditional marriage got you a long way didn’t it John?

What is the so called “gay community” in numbers? 5% of the voting population at most which works out to around 100,000. 1% of that is 1000. Even if you tripled your support, you’re talking 3000 votes. Against the 100,000 votes for the Conservatives and the ever-lasting contempt of those who support traditional marriage. I can’t see the political benefit in that.

Especially as their spokesperson said, most of them went on voting for the Communists anyway.

3 thoughts on “Key booed at Big Gay Out.

  1. That’s John Key kissing a bloke. He does like going year after year doesn’t he.
    It completely vindicates my decision to stop voting national years ago.


    • Yes, somehow we have to break the sclerotic Progressive orthodoxy of NZ’s political condition and we won’t do it by continuing to support National (or their lapdogs) that is for sure.


  2. Sorry to be a bit crude but I could not care less if he sucks the drag queens dick to get a few votes. What I do care about his him pandering to them with taxpayer’s money and legislation that puts the public health at risk and also make young boys vulnerable to the recruiters.


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