Communist China seeks allegiance with Hawaiian Independence Movement

This is an event NZ politicians presently pandering to the Chicom Generals need to ponder. Maybe even read the book-

Michael Pillsbury, a Pentagon consultant and author of the recent book 100 Year Marathon, said Chinese military hawks, known as “ying pai,” told him they are ready to provide arms to Hawaiian independence activists in retaliation for U.S. arms sales to Taiwan.

Pillsbury’s book, published last week, reveals that Chinese hawks in the military and Communist Party are a key part of a 100-year strategy to vanquish and eventually overtake the United States as the world’s leading power in the coming decades.

NZ has foregone relationships with its traditional allies (Australia and the USA) and is now almost a colony of China. I have written before on this issue, asking why in particular the National Party under John Key is apparently so unwilling to recognise China’s anti-democratic global ambitions and its quest for strategic advantages and alliances.

It would not be difficult at all for Chinese authorities to dream up a false reason to arm and support NZ “Maori” separatists. It would not be difficult at all for such separatists to seek out an alliance with China. In fact it would not surprise me one bit to learn such moves were being discussed among certain parties right now. The world is a dangerous place. Events are occurring today that are designed to have impact far into our future.

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5 thoughts on “Communist China seeks allegiance with Hawaiian Independence Movement

  1. I believe Key would be perfectly happy to see NZ become a Chinese colony.
    He’d be a U.N. drone by then, living in Geneva or New York and feeling no attachment to his country of birth.
    After all, loyalty and patriotism are only for the peasants, and useful for manipulating them.


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  3. Although the europeans are the greediest animals to ever set foot on the american continents, the chinese may be the SECOND! most greediest people on the planet. Still, I would rather the chinese took over our islands if only to get rid of those forked-tongued, european thieves.


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