Kiwiblog embraces anti-Abbott MSM meme on use of word “holocaust”

To be fair, Mr. Farrar did split his post into two parts. The first part praised Abbott, the second criticised him.

Except that the second part merely repeated a partisan meme broadcast by a biased Australian media, and if you doubt this, please allow me to bring a few things to your notice-

Labor Prime Minister Paul] Keating said “the Rudd government deserved to be re-elected on its reaction to the global recession alone, saving Australia from an ”economic holocaust” that had massively crunched the US and UK”.

“It is an environmental holocaust, no different to the Sumatran clearfelling and burning which so appalled (climate change economist) Sir Nicholas Stern a fortnight ago,” Senator Bob Brown of the Greens Party said in a statement.

“..the strength of the Australian economy has shown in the face of the Asian economic holocaust has been absolutely remarkable” said John Howard.

“These clean technology companies have the ability to offset the kind of holocaust that we are driving our economy, our society and our environment towards” said Greens Senator Scott Ludlum

Australia’s media had no problem with any of these quotes. The real problem is the implacable hatred so many of them have for Tony Abbott. 75% of Fairfax journalists for example admitted they voted Labor or Greens.

Andrew Bolt, where I sourced the above quotes, has asked that all Conservatives fight back on Tony Abbott’s behalf. The problem is of course that Mr. Farrar is no Conservative and is frequently as hostile to that political sector as the far left.

Let’s not forget that only prior to last election, John Key was happy to describe his government as “Progressive”.