Death penalty for drug traffickers- Indonesia shows will the Progressive West lacks

ScreenShot006A few of my libertarian followers might disagree with my views on this, but they need to consider this fact- to wind back the state, we need to counter the demoralisation tactics of the left, those successful strategies that have allowed them to get the death grip on our societies that they have today.

The cry you hear so often these days is that the “war on drugs is unwinnable, fighting that war is too destructive to personal liberty, and therefore it should be abandoned”.

These are ideas that are so flawed I cannot accept them. For a start, I have lived in countries/ places where there are no drugs and have found very few restrictions on my liberties. The reason these restrictions exist in the US and other Western countries is because really, there is no war, and what fighting there is is dispirited and disheartened. The West, thanks to decades of white anting by the left, does not really have the stomach for war, on drugs or on anything, and this is a weakness that is killing us on so many fronts.

Secondly, I believe there is a purpose behind the West’s infatuation with mind altering substances. Beyond that of the billions to be made from drug trafficking. The left have succeeded in reducing most Western democracies to semi-totalitarian one party states by means of cultural Marxism and other strategies designed to transform our societies. To weaken us. To divide us. To split children from their fathers and mothers. The drug culture that has grown exponentially in line with the hegemony of Progressive culture and government is just another ploy to eventually weaken us to the point where we become nothing but prisoners in a gulag of our own making.

Indonesia shows the conviction and resolve our Western cultures have lost. Its against the law there to traffic in drugs. The Indonesians also recognise how drug use corrodes and destroys a society from the inside out. The penalty for breaking the law is execution, and they carry it out. The West should emulate this conviction and resolve.

You know what? If we were not in such a quagmire of Progressive destruction I might actually agree with the Libertarians, and argue that drug use is a personal issue the state should not be involved in. If we ever return to the state where drugs were not so widespread, and so corrosive to our society, it might even work. For example a half a dozen decades ago, we didn’t have heavily armed Gestapo like SWAT teams kicking down doors.

However while I see widespread drug use as working so effectively to weaken and divide and corrupt our society, and enable the left the power over us they seek so tirelessly, I’ll support the death penalty for drug traffickers, primarily as a means to free us from the threat of the destruction of our “old ” society, and its replacement with Progressive Nirvana, a euphemism for eventual complete left wing totalitarianism.

One thought on “Death penalty for drug traffickers- Indonesia shows will the Progressive West lacks

  1. 1. Whats taking so long.

    2. The war on drugs was just a political distraction.

    In the US, the war on drugs has created a huge industrial complex to fight it and has grown exponentially, strangely the drug problem it is fighting has also grown exponentially.

    End result a war with no end.

    The ongoing cost both economically, socially and in the ongoing erosion of our privacy and basic rights to freedom are huge.

    We will end up not with no privacy or basic freedoms or safety.


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