Gina Rinehart settles with Channel Nine- show will go ahead

Gina RinehartI saw Part one of the Channel Nine smear of the Rinehart family “House of Hancock” a week or so ago. Remember how they made a film about Nancy Reagan and had the disgusting extreme left traitor Jane Fonda play the lead role?

Nine Entertainment Company cast notorious left winger Sam Neil as patriarch Lang Hancock. Just like Fonda playing Nancy Reagan, it just does not work, and the script is so weak and predictable that even if they’d hired someone with talent he wouldn’t have been able to do much better.

This is just the usual LW Hollywood junk even though its made in Australia, and has the same old same old predictable meme, a very rich and hateful and selfish family motivated by greed driven into conflict over the spoils of the family fortune. It smears the Rinehart family in so many untrue ways it can never be anything but trash made by low life cowards. (producers Nick Murray and Michael Cordell among others.)

Gina Rinehart took Channel Nine to court after the first episode. She sought a preview of the second episode and said if it was bad enough would be seeking an injunction to stop its showing. This has now been resolved.

Confidential terms of agreement were negotiated outside court during a rare sitting of the Supreme Court on Saturday with the conclusion the show will be screened with undisclosed changes and with a disclaimer using the word “fictionalised”.

Shortly after 2pm the parties announced to the court they had a deal with both agreeing to pay their own respective costs.

It’s not expected to be the end of the legal dispute, however. Gina might still pursue damages for defamation and serious falsehood.

I hope she does. Go for it Gina, get after those liberal entertainment sector liars. Like all Progressives, they just have to take down anyone who has made a fortune from nothing by enterprise, risk, hard work, wise investment and good management. And maybe a little luck the day your father Lang got caught in a storm and was forced to fly his plane down that particular valley.

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  1. Wonder if we will ever see anything on the Wine Box.

    I still believe this to be New Zealands biggest corporate TAX fraud and both Major Political parties seamed to be tainted by it.

    Yeah Right.


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