Did Jon Stewart quit because he didn’t want to carry water for failing Democrats any longer?

Rush Limbaugh takes a guess at the reasons behind Jon Stewart’s sudden decision to quit the Daily Show.

Limbaugh thinks Stewart is tired of carrying water for a party that is pushing an agenda that most Americans do not want, and that things would get worse with Hillary Clinton running for President. Maybe Stewart has come to a sudden understanding that he’s been backing the wrong horse for too long.

Limbaugh said-

“Stewart has helped to polarize the country by poisoning the Republican brand” but noted that, “aside from what you think you’ve done to destroy conservatives, where is there anything to brag about?”

“Unless you actually believe this country needs to be torn apart and transformed. Unless you actually hate capitalism and you think that there have been great inroads made in destroying it, maybe, but that’s not something you could run around brag about because you’re in the minority. Most people do not want the country destroyed. Most people don’t want capitalism destroyed. Most people think capitalism is where the American dream lives. So you can’t run around and brag about that so what are you gonna brag about?”

Read the whole article here.

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