Left wing criticism of John Key is a hollow farce

ScreenShot008 A few days ago a group of hard core Communist activists staged a Bolshevik style demonstration against John Key. The protest was so threatening and hate filled police were called and the PM was forced to exit through a side door. (He shouldn’t have. This is the kind of capitulation John Key is too fond of).

The idea behind the protest was to try and dent the overall good guy image Key enjoys with the majority of NZs who bother to vote. The protest was lead by Sue Bradford, a long time red flag waver and so despised by the population in general the purpose of the protest was defeated right from the start.

The message the Communists present is completely delusional. They chanted “what’s the story, filthy Tory?”, “stop the war on the poor” and “John Key’s a millionaire, that’s why he doesn’t care”.

I only wish John Key was some kind of Tory. He’s in fact a self admitted “Progressive”, which is in some sectors code for Communist. The idea that there is some kind of massive underclass of “poor” in NZ, and that Key has produced it, and that he hates it, is completely contrary to reality.

Key takes $80 billion out of the pockets of producing NZers and redistributes much of that to the unproductive. This is more than Helen Clark ever took, and in fact Key has to borrow to keep up the spending. That’s why the country is currently $80 billion in debt. Key is actually more left wing than Helen Clark. He”s your typical champagne socialist, in the manner of Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and David Cameron.

National Party blogger David Farrar highlights some data from a Lindsay Mitchel post. Redistributive polices of the John Key government-

  • Insulation of over 200,000 homes
  • increased access to GPs
  • an intensive campaign to reduce rheumatic fever
  • boosted budgeting advisory services
  • low cost procurement of household essentials like washing machines
  • low interest loans to combat loan sharks
  • partnering with charities providing food and clothing to poor children
  • home visitation programmes like Early Start
  • extended income-related rents to non-government social housing
  • Whanau Ora

Bottom line is the left have nothing to complain about as John Key has converted the National Party into an updated upmarket version of the Labour Party. That is why he is so popular with a media that is infested with politically partisan leftists.

That popularity demonstrates the two part strategy that the more effective sector of the left have in play here. First they have succeeded in making one of their own the leader of the National Party. Who turns the Nats into the Labour Party. Part two of the strategy is to eventually replace the National party with an even further left wing Labour Party.

The left will eventually destroy John Key’s government. And when they do, they can congratulate themselves on a very effective long term strategy. They have destroyed through John Key any Conservative influence in the National Party, and if the plan works out right, they will eventually destroy the National Party. Not that they even have to, given it has become so weak and ineffective.

NZ makes two massive shifts to the left and it goes virtually unnoticed by the voters.

2 thoughts on “Left wing criticism of John Key is a hollow farce

  1. Has the hallmarks of a false flag arrangement
    Thinking New Zealanders are only too aware that the National Party is a Trojan horse.
    Problem is,it seems there’s not too many thinkers in the National Party.
    Thing is, just what would it take to ring an alarm bell in the head of a N. party supporter.
    Just as long as it is painted blue, they’re not fussy about anything else.


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