Please read- ABC anti-Conservative bias is threatening Australian democracy

I urge all concerned with the political process in Australia and the rest of the West to read Andrew Bolt’s Herald Sun column today where he harshly criticises the ABC for their politically partisan reporting..

Bolt hits out at the taxpayer funded organisation as a threat to democracy with its tribal LW / “progressive” mentality and its unceasing attempts to belittle and denigrate the LNP coalition government and Tony Abbot in particular.

The anti-Conservative bias of the ABC is worth millions of dollars in election advertising if the Labour Party ever had to pay for it themselves.

However the real and broader issue is this- across the west, cultural Marxists are capturing our public institutions and using them as political tools. In the UK we have the BBC. in the US we have PBR. In NZ we have RNZ. Its all part of a widepread left wing plan to drag the political debate left and benefit the parties of progressivism/ socialism.

Democracy is finished if the left wing totalitarians subverting our public institutions are not stopped.

Please read Andrew Bolt’s article in full.

5 thoughts on “Please read- ABC anti-Conservative bias is threatening Australian democracy

  1. Damn right. And that slimy opportunist Turnbull is slyly using it for a run at the top job. A classic case of the fox guarding the hen-house if ever there was one.


    • Yep, Turnbull is Minister of Communications, so he should be the one doing something. He isn’t of course because it suits him well to have his good buddies at the ABC undermining Tony Abbot.


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