UK Channel 4- accused of bile and vitriol towards Nigel Farage and UKIP

UKIP Leader Nigel Farage Visits Eastleigh To Canvass With Candidate Diane James UKIP leader Nigel Farage is under constant attack from the “progressive” mainstream media who do all they can to smear him and destroy any potential vote base he may construct.

It isn’t working as well as the left would like. I think too many people know today just how politically corrupt the MSM are and their attempts to smear Farage are frequently counter productive.

A corrupt media is just the worse thing to happen to a nation. Those of us who know history understand the part the film industry and the mainstream media played in the rise of Adolf Hitler, one of the biggest and most murderous tyrants in modern times.

The media onslaught against Farage demonstrates the same kind of corruption. BBC affiliated Channel 4 in the UK recently ran a program called “UKIP: The first 100 days” which presented a disgustingly dishonest version of what might happen if the UKIP gained govt.

The program depicted rioting on the streets that would presumably happen if UKIP were to win the general election, mixing archive footage with imagined scenes. The show has prompted more than 700 complaints to media watchdog Ofcom since its broadcast on Monday night. There were another 250 complaints made to Channel 4.

Speaking on LBC Radio, UKIP MEP and parliamentary candidate Gerald Batten called the docudrama “a piece of bile and vitriol from our political opponents”.

“Political debate is one thing, and having a debate where people can put another point of view, or even a factual documentary about a political party. But this wasn’t that,” said Mr Batten.

Channel 4 said the show was fully in compliance with the broadcasting code and its “obligations to be fair, accurate and duly impartial”.

Nigel Farage says the feedback he has suggests the show has backfired, with many people pledging support to the party because of what they perceived as the unfairness of the attack.

The corrupt MSM’s desperate attempts to preserve the status quo are despicable. Cowardly dishonest politically partisan swine who have no regard for the orderly process of democracy.

I hope the UKIP gets up in the UK, and I hope this mainly because it will be one in the eye for the progressive UK mainstream media and their preferred equally hopeless twins Labour and The Conservatives.

2 thoughts on “UK Channel 4- accused of bile and vitriol towards Nigel Farage and UKIP

  1. You might think of Nigel Farrage as some sort of prophet.

    But in reality, what he is talking about is blatantly obvious.

    He was absolutely right on the piigs Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain. I would also add France to that list.

    Nobody else wants to admit to what is happening, in the EU, or even talk about it.

    Statistically Greece is irrelevant, they should have never been in the Eurozone, as well as others, and they should just go bankrupt and move on.

    The problem is that they would just be the first domino, when the bigger Countries follow suit it gets really messy really fast.

    I love his speeches, especially when he called the unelected nobody at the top. The he had the appearance of a low grade bank clerk and the personality of a damp dish towel.

    Really who do you think you are.

    Planet Ponzie. Fortunately they are about 10-15 years further down this rather sad path than us, so we get to see the whole thing unravel in front of us. Not that you will see of the street riots and civil unrest on NZ television.

    It does not fit with the Government agenda to borrow and Tax, to paper over the crack, to maintain the illusion that every thing is fine just fine.


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