Racism weakening South Africa's World Cup Cricket team?

South Africa has a Communist government and they’re as usual clueless about how to make a success of anything. The country is a economic and social basket case with murder rape and other crime at record levels and poverty steadily increasing. Racism was one of the levers the left used to install South Africa’s government, and now of course in true left wing style, the hypocrisy of their current racism, because its black guys doing it, goes completely unremarked upon.

Its surprising to hear someone prominent speak out on the issue of race in sport, but former Proteas player Clive Rice believes the racial quota in the game in South Africa is hurting their chances of winning the Cricket World Cup. One of the pre-tournament favourites, South Africa’s stocks have fallen after suffering a 130-run loss to India in Melbourne last night.

There is a racial quota in South African domestic cricket, while the national side is encouraged to have players of colour. Rice, a former all-rounder, believes South Africa doesn’t have its best side at the World Cup. He believes winning the World Cup with the best players would do a lot more for the game in South Africa than having racial quotas. Rice says that was shown when South Africa won the Rugby World Cup in 1995.

It surprises me that blacks continue to be blind regarding the mix of race and communism, and how it ends up for those involved. There’s never any good to come of it, but they still keep falling for the same old divisive and derelict Marxist drivel. Why send a cup team to compete if its not the best team? Because its more important to be Communist than to play the game.

This post is primarily sourced from a news item on RNZ.