Maoris’ problems growing at alarming rate, now can't sell blue T-shirts!!

The National Party in its role as the government of NZ hands out millions of dollars to NZers who chose to identify as Maori. There are countless groups receiving support and money and working to help Maori with their problems. Education, health, technical qualifications, meals in schools, payments from the Waitangi Tribunal, the list is endless. There must be one hell of a lot of problems to be worked out there.

You’d think John key would know better than to add to the misery of these poor suffering and disadvantaged people. Apparently he doesn’t, and actually goes out of his way to denigrate and insult them. I wouldn’t have believed it myself, but RNZ reports Ratana Church member Georgie Peke is deeply offended by a remark Key made about blue T-shirts that the church sells.

Georgie says Mr Key was “disrespectful” by commenting on the number of people wearing that colour of t-shirt and saying that blue stands for National.She said it was rude to do so on their marae, and the colour represented their whetu mārama (Ratana Church symbol of the star and the moon crescent) and not the National Party.

“And having John Key having a say and that the blue stands for National, it’s sort of like I find it disrespectful, because it isn’t what the colours are.” Mr Peke said the rangatahi have now also stopped selling red ones in case they were seen as being linked to the Labour Party.

I feel for these poor people. It must be so hard travelling through life with so much stacked against them.