Springbok world cup rugby team to be selected on race

Just after Clive Rice pointed out that race based selection rules have weakened the South African team’s chances in the Cricket world cup, it has been announced that South African rugby squads will include seven non-white players in 23-man match squads in the run-up to this year’s World Cup in England, starting in September.

At least two of the seven non-whites in this year’s squads must be black Africans, distinguishing them from players of mixed race who have long played a role in Springbok teams. RNZ says the inclusion of seven non-whites will be a challenge for the Springboks coach Heyneke Meyer, whose starting fifteen right now would probably include only one black African and two mixed race players.

Once there were massive demonstrations in NZ because the NZ Rugby team did not include players of Maori blood during tours of Sth Africa. Now the situation is reversed with Sth Africa excluding players of white skin, the silence is deafening.

Those with a brain know it was really all about installing a communist govt in Sth Africa. The left see the destruction of what they call “white power structures” as key to their plans for gradual subversion of all western democracies. Its why racism is only ever called out when its white on black and reverse racism gets a free pass.

Oh well, I guess South Africa can kiss goodbye to the Rugby World cup. The left don’t care. They’ve made their point.

2 thoughts on “Springbok world cup rugby team to be selected on race

  1. I hear Clive Rice collapsed at home and investigations have revealed an inoperable brain (?brainstem) tumour. The desperate seek help from charlatans and he is off to India for surgery. I grew up with Clive and my thoughts are with him and his wife Sue.

    Affirmative action has never been seen as a way to improve outcomes. In South Africa this has come in many guises such as BEE (black economic empowerment) which has done nothing other than ruin a functioning bureaucracy and create a huge amount of white poverty. Added to this is the pig-headedness of seeing things fail, such as electricity generation and the supply of water, and not employing the numerous suitably qualified whites to repair it but turning to Cuba instead, seeing they have been so successful at home, to do so at an enormous cost. SA is well on the path to Zimbabwefication…..and all those others that became basket cases once the colonial powers withdrew.


    • The cricket team will kind of encapsulate that manner of thinking, in that a rugby team selected on skill won Sth Africa the world cup and the country benefited greatly from that success.

      Yet today they select on race and will lose the Cricket world cup and the next Rugby world cup as a result. Just so blind.

      Sad to hear about Clive Rice. He has always been a hero. One of many that exist in Sth Africa. God knows why they stay there.


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