Public campaign defeats plan to lower speed limits in Victoria

A road sign defaced by campaigners

A road sign defaced by campaigners

In a rare win for the people over faceless unaccountable bureaucracy, plans by the Victorian Main Roads Dept to lower state speed limits from 70 to 60 mph were halted after public outcry. 90 kph speed limits were also to be cut to 80 kph.

The campaign was lead by the Leader newspaper and the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, but was also conducted over Facebook, Twitter, and websites.

Unfortunately, roads where the new limits have already been applied will not be returned to the old limits. In country Victoria, at least 65 roads had speed limits cut by 10km/h. At least 20 arterial roads across Melbourne were reduced from 70 to 60km/h and a further four urban arterial roads from 90 to 80km/h. A further 1900 roads across the state were on the hit-list for a speed reduction.

The (Labor) Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan told Leader the policy was a “nanny state” approach, and he had ordered a freeze.

I think its wonderful that the public had this small victory over a government bureacracy that has far too much power and would if allowed to have its way have limits reduced to near zero. All in the flawed belief that speed is a major factor in accidents. The flashing light road signs they have introduced are so frequently arrogant and ill mannered they reveal all too well the mindset of the people in charge.

Maybe the NZ National Party can learn something from this event and stop spinelessly serving the NZ govt bureaucracy and start listening to the voters. On road laws and so many other issues.

One thought on “Public campaign defeats plan to lower speed limits in Victoria

  1. Its all about the money.

    Unrealistic speed limits and overzealous enforcement, have two outcomes 1. more revenue from tickets and 2. more accidents, due to frustration and inattention.

    If you want to make the roads safer.

    Build roads designed for modern vehicles
    Continue with vehicle safety improvements.

    But mainly

    Have everybody driving at the same speed, in the same direction and paying attention to what they are doing.


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