Tasmania cuts 668 public sector jobs

Tasmania’s public sector has shrunk by 668 full-time jobs, figures from the Treasurer Peter Gutwein reveal, making the state’s public sector now the smallest it has been in at least five years. The Government had set a target of shedding 821 full-time equivalent positions this financial year as part of budget savings.

The Treasurer said the deepest cuts had now been achieved and pointed out the broader state economy appeared to be performing well. He confirmed the Government remained committed to cutting a further 532 full-time roles by 2017-18.

Downsizing government is the only way to cut spending and its good to see at least one government with the guts to do what has to be done.

Mr Gutwein rejected criticism that services would be reduced. “Certainly at this stage we think that the public service, as it stands at the moment, is quite adequate and will be quite adequate once we’ve finished this program,” he said.

Categories: Australian Politics


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