Anti-smoking campaign demonstrates our universities and parliament infested by anti-freedom zealots

Here is something that won’t surprise anyone who knows what’s really going on in the west. A University of Auckland emeritus professor, one Robert Beaglehole, is leading a massive assault on private property and free enterprise. When our universities should be the places that maintain and teach students the traditions that made our Western societies the most free in the world, they are instead infested with the dregs of our community who directly contrary to what they should be doing, are advocating attacks on those very things we should be holding dear.

Private property Mr. Beaglehole is the foundation of Western civilisation. Get a plane ticket to Cuba right now and teach your left wing garbage there. It is not for civilised and free countries.

It does not matter what the situation is. It does not matter what the presumed (or false) justification might be. By your outspokenness in this matter you are teaching a perverted and destructive way of thinking. You have no business in a Western University.

Either cigarette manufacturing is made illegal or you leave it the hell alone you despicable person.

And the same goes for the hopelessly lost National Party and their racist cronyists.

Disclaimer- do not smoke and have never smoked.

One thought on “Anti-smoking campaign demonstrates our universities and parliament infested by anti-freedom zealots

  1. What a Muppet. Smoking is an addictive drug, those people are going to die or get sick regardless, they are drug addicts, packaging means nothing to them.

    The political wing of the gangs are all for prohibition because it opens up another lucrative drug market for them.

    The current penalties for growing and selling tobacco (excise penalties) are huge, remember there is a 90% tax on cigarettes. The penalties for marijuana are a slap on the wrist

    The Government does not want to stop smoking, 1.3 Billion in Tax as apposed to 500 million in detrimental health costs. 800 million in lost TAX and 500 million of ongoing health costs. Remember you are going to die from something anyway.

    Like climate change if the answer to a problem is to TAX it then you know it is a con.


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