Where is the resistance to Obama’s tyranny?

Everyday I am more astonished at what is happening in the US and Barack Obama’s apparently unstoppable abuse of the presidency. I have always believed that the US had an almost perfect system of govt, with inbuilt checks and balances to prevent the growth of tyranny.

That I am apparently very wrong about this is a point emphatically made by an article I read today written by Phyllis Schlafly which highlights another stark and shocking abuse of power by Obama. However what really makes me despair is that there is apparently no way to stop this thug.

Obama’s scheme is to legalise 5 million alien invaders by means of an executive order granting them amnesty. This amnesty will allow the aliens access to work permits, social security numbers and driver’s licences. Once they have these documents, there is no way to stop them voting, and they will no doubt vote Democrat in gratitude for Obama’s generous assistance.

Zap…!! Just like that, by means of Obama’s probably illegal executive order 5 million extra votes and most likely the 2016 election for the Democrats.

This is such a cynical abuse of power, coming right out of the white House. Yet it seems as if the US for all of its constitutional safeguards cannot stop this cheap conniving crook who poses as a President. I thought the Republicans held Congress. Doesn’t this give them control of something? If they can’t get the 60 votes needed to counter the amnesty bill, surely they can still refuse to fund it. Why would McConnell and Boehner grant funding to this hoax operation designed to cripple the Republican party possibly for ever?

Its getting harder every day to reject the notion that US government and the political establishment is rotten to the core, and deliberately working against the interests of the American Republic.

Democrats Plan To Win Elections With Illegal Alien Votes

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  1. “Why would McConnell and Boehner grant funding to this hoax operation designed to cripple the Republican party possibly for ever?”
    1) Chamber of Commerce
    2) The Republican party is the same gang as the Democrat Party, wearing different colours.


  2. KG I think it is a bit more basic than that – big deposits of $’s in their personal bank accounts.



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