A picture that captures so well the tragedy of socialism

Sepuloni Rangi Radio NZ reports

In the New Plymouth District Court this morning Beverley Anne Sepuloni pleaded guilty to 19 charges of applying for benefits she was not entitled to and of not declaring she was living with her partner between 2003 and 2014.

Sepuloni is a sickness beneficiary and a Housing New Zealand tenant paying income related rent. The 59-year-old appeared with joint accused, Michael Charles Rangi, who plead guilty to four similar charges.

Rangi was overpaid about $62,500 in unemployment benefit and accommodation allowance.

I was quite emotionally impacted by the tragedy implicit in the photo above. (taken by Robin Martin) Whereas a normal reaction may be to condemn the offenders as bludgers and crooks, deadbeats and no-hopers, its really a bit more complicated that that.

If these two people had lived a full and productive life, this photo could have been taken in entirely different circumstances, but it hasn’t been because they were instead ensnared in the destructive web of socialism. Ideas insidiously injected into their psyche by the agents of evil who preach envy and sloth and appear to them as their saviours.

They became craven victims of the left wing’s desperate drive for power and exploited as cannon fodder by a political movement that profits from misery. As a result, their independence was destroyed, along with their initiative and self reliance. Their potential as human beings was hopelessly crippled. They lost their self respect and fell into despair and deceit.

The worst? They’re only the tip of the iceberg. The west is overflowing with so many who have unwittingly drunk the same fatal poison.

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  1. Great to see you blogging again, much better than trying to wade through KB looking for the gems. I think you are type of writer that provides such great analysis that the requirement for comment is almost negated.


  2. What I find disturbing about this is that in Countries that do not have a welfare system the elderly are looked after by the children.

    So were was her Daughter while this was all happening, the one who has the shadow portfolio responsibility and asked the questions relating to her Mothers predicament, who did not know of her Mothers charges until the day before court ( look, just saw a pig fly past).

    The sad thing here is where is the Family the support network of friends and family. I would be ashamed if my Parents had do live in social housing and I did nothing about it.


  3. Whereas a normal reaction may be to condemn the offenders as bludgers and crooks, deadbeats and no-hopers, its really a bit more complicated that that.

    No, it’s not. It’s really, really, not. All budgers are crooks and deadbeats: we should stop paying all welfare (including all so-called “health” and “education” and “super”) benefits tomorrow. Just stop the lot.

    People need to learn they cannot trust the government: they must rely on themselves. Nothing else will teach this lesson anywhere near as well as just stopping all welfare.



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