Massive slide in Radio NZ ratings

RNZ's Susie Ferguson

RNZ’s Susie Ferguson

John Drinnan is one of the few NZ journalists I like and he provides an interesting report on the state of Radio New Zealand. A recent Nielson survey shows the broadcaster lost around 70,000 listeners or 13 per cent of the annualised audience for RNZ National and RNZ Concert combined. It was the worst result since the survey began.

Chief executive Paul Thompson said the message was that RNZ needed to slow down the pace of change.

I never listen to state radio on principle, although I recently heard Morning Report “personality” Susie Ferguson interviewing someone on a soundbite posted an another blog somewhere. I thought she was appalling. She appeared to be pushing herself into a manner of broadcasting she was not comfortable with. The manner was offensive, her questions poorly researched and she demonstrated a slow wit. Her political perspective appeared to be entrenched left wing.

I haven’t heard other broadcasters like Guyon Espiner or Wallace Chapman, but I know their political perspectives are also pretty much confined to the left wing of the political spectrum. I’m not surprised people are drifting away. It might as Mr. Thompson says, be the pace of change. I think its the personalities. Times are changing. People don’t want to listen to wall to wall commies anymore.

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  1. RadioCommunism should be closed down immediately.

    Fire everyone, ban them from working for the govt, for private companies, from getting any benefit, or from leaving the country. In short: let ’em starve. It’s called “capitalism” and “freedom” – and it’s well past time NZ got used to it!



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