8 thoughts on “Whaleoil mods blocked my first comment in years- heart breaking

  1. Was this on the : photo, face, sign, map, proverb, video, nightcap, comment, roundup, video or Trivia ….. of the day posts or one of the two feedback ? posts

    Humourless Pete banned be before christmas, and that kind of broke the spell, since when my visitor count would be perhaps 10 ?

    As it slides into more an more irrelevance I wonder if Cam regrets this re-invention into Womens Day lite for the right wing mouth breathers.

    And I did notice a plea for donations to help keep the sire running, it costs a lot to visit Reddit and Sideswipe daily.

    Not seen a lot about his revenge pieces on KDC, Hager, and the exposing of the left in their Dirty Politics. Not seen a lot about anything really.

    As to the new venture “Freed” what ever happened there? Perhaps that had Pete on fundraising, or he’s busy pre-loading cat videos for it.


    • Freed seems to have gone a bit quiet. It was originally meant to be up and running before the election. I think anyone who would put a million dollars or more into a digital news site in NZ would have to be prepared to accept massive losses. I’d like to see the business plan. Maybe that’s the problem- Mr Lentino has seen the business plan.


  2. This is very funny well done. On a serious note I haven’t been to Whales blog for six months. The foulness and hatered he shows to Conservatives is unbelievable. Most of it being out right lies. The guy is a progressive coward of the highest order. The fact that he masquerades as a right winger is curse on all right wingers.


    • Someone mentioned to me he was bashing Craig again so I went to have a look and saw this article about being a Nat party sycophant. He’s not so much of one today as what he was before the election that is for sure.

      Funny how he’s always going on about being the only one who knows the truth about Craig but never expands upon that.


  3. I find it often lacks content and has lots of puffy fillers.
    Really needs a few more good contributors.
    Ah, who cares, got KG, Terry and RB to read 🙂


  4. We should not be wasting to much time on Blubber boy and Whaleshit.

    By his own very public admissions he is a dirty, despicable worm.

    He accepted payment for favorable (propaganda) posts to dubious causes and failed to disclose that it was a paid article, probably not even written by him.

    Then went about deleting any negative comments and when they complained just banned them outright.

    Then his very public affairs. His wife must be desperate to want to hang around, once a cheater always a cheater.

    I still have another login that is not banned . Just can’t be bothered using it there.


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