The only climate change chart you'll ever need to see

This single chart compilation by govt researchers confirms what multiple studies have shown over and over again- natural climate change rules, regardless of CO2 greenhouse emissions. No matter what they say, AGW proponents cannot make the link between CO2 and climate change.

Climate 500 million years cropped

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Several obvious points from this research pictorial.

  • Past natural climate change has produced extreme volatility and variation.
  • Reconstructed temperature proxies reveal multiple climatic periods of acceleration and levels of cooling/warming that far exceed what the modern era has experienced.
  • Modern global warming is not extreme nor unique, even compared to the relatively recent period of the Minoan/Bronze age civilizations.
  • Current temperatures would not have to drop by that much for Earth to enter an ice age glaciation period.
  • Earth has been in an overall cooling mode for the last 10 million years.

These 5 scientific factual points are indisputable, undeniable, irrefutable and unequivocal. Furthermore, modern climate records have been heavily manipulated. Taking the massaged data into account, the real level of warming in the modern era is calculated to be as indicated by the purple arrow.

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3 thoughts on “The only climate change chart you'll ever need to see

  1. Inaccurate hockey stick at the end, medieval warming at least equal to present temps, not shown on graph.


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  3. Redbaiter, your data us accurate but your conclusion is unsound.
    Earth has warmed about 1°C in the last 100 years. By 2050 it will have warmed 2°. From your chart, the last time Earth was this warm was 10M years ago…
    We are therefore experiencing something extreme, not to mention last time Earth was this warm it had taken millions of years to warm up. The fact we are duplicating this prehistoric temperature in just 150 years shows this is not natural warming. The fact this warming occurs precisely during the same 150 years the humain population has grown from less than 1 Billion to more than 8 Billion hints it is man made.


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