Three way same sex union makes joke of traditional marriage. Happy now John Key?

Fags in Thailand The Daily Mail reports that three Thai homosexuals have tied the knot in world’s first three-way same-sex marriage. Joke, Bell and Art took the plunge on Valentine’s Day.

Although same-sex marriages are not recognised as legitimate under Thai law, the trio were able to consummate their love under Buddhist law in the symbolic ceremony.

According to Joke, same-sex marriages are just as valid as any legally sanctioned ceremony and are treated as such. ‘We love each other and live together like brothers; hopefully this is something the world can understand in the 21st century.’

The 21st century!

Yes yes, got that, its all about being on the right side of history. What’s fashionable. What a generation of half educated mush brained progressive zombies told what to think rather than how to think are ready to accept.

In reality this is just rank narcissism coupled with the ignorance of history that is always so notable in the words of those who justify these repugnant examples of progressive artifice.

Traditional marriage is a device that exists primarily to provide a workable legal and social framework for husbands and wives to procreate and raise their children into society.

To see this tradition treated with so much scorn and disrespect by the shallow narcissistic half educated well indoctrinated goons of the “21st century” is a sad indicator of just how far our societies have declined under progressive ascendancy.

I hope that in New Zealand, John Key and the rest of the National and Labour Party progressives are proud of what they have done.

Read more, if your stomach is strong enough.