Peta Credlin- the fiercest political warrior

Peta Credlin Tony Abbott’s devotion to Credlin is unmoving. The Australian Prime Minister has defended her time and time again, calling her ‘the fiercest political warrior I’ve ever worked with’.

Abbott’s chief of staff has recently come under fire from the left and their cronyists for her decision to ban Labor appointees from retaining their positions on government boards. Nearly all of the directors on government boards were employed during Labor’s six-years in government.

For example, the govt has decided to not renew any of the management board of the Australian CSIRO. Simon McKeon, outgoing chairman of the CSIRO was a Labour appointee and is a strong believer in AGW. He has expressed his desire to see the topic raised to the top of both the “political and public agenda”. Well, its damn good that he has been fired right?

I say go Peta Credlin. Go Tony Abbott. Fire them all and replace them with people not so badly infected with the brain disease of leftism. We will all come out on top if boards start making decisions based on rationale rather than the intent to advance and increase left wing political power.

One thought on “Peta Credlin- the fiercest political warrior

  1. We don’ need to appoint people to Qango boards – we should just close the fuckers down.

    Starting with the ABC & SBS.


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